Make your home practical and functional

Izabela Ninic, Architect

February 28, 2016

Products & Materials

Busyness is the best description of modern life, but also housing. For this reason, practical and functional solutions in the organization of the space play an extremely important role in raising the quality of housing.


Living space is often the working space so do your best, depending on the needs, to ensure a separate study. If you do not have enough space for a separate study, create a working corner, which can be discreetly placed inside the living room or bedroom. Visually separate it from the TV, for example, by turning it towards the wall, for better concentration.


Select the living room sitting set by the criteria of comfort, practicality and aesthetics. Sitting set, which can if necessary be a bed for guests or a cozy chair with the possibility of regulating the inclination of the back, the arm or the leg rest, will be the answer to every request. Adjust the size of the sitting set to the size of the living room so that it doesn’t visually clog it.


Furnish the dinning room with a dimensionally flexible table, which will, as such, be able to accept a variable number of household members and guests. Although most likely it will be rarely used in its full length, it will fulfill all requirements when necessary. Store the additional chairs in the storage, another room or get folding chairs, which are the most practical solution in such cases.


For fast meals make sure that there is an additional dining table or a counter in the kitchen so that you don’t need to serve the dining room table every day. It will ideally serve as an additional work surface and visually enrich the kitchen area.


In order to make the maintenance of a kitchen as convenient as possible, for wall covering select glass or other materials that are integrated, i.e. without joints.


Use the bed in the bedroom as storage. Get the one with the box for bedding or put drawers or decorative boxes under the bed.


To visually increase the space and illuminate the bedroom, use mirrors as fronts for the closet. The same trick can be used at the hallways, which are often narrow and dark. In this way, you correct the space and set up a mirror for the whole figure, which as such has its function in everyday life.


Be practical and functional, live a modern life and turn your home into a place where you can easily perform all that’s necessary!


Photo: Solidum

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