Textile designs of tomorrow: Heimtextil showcases new trends for the home


January 19, 2016


Colours, designs and materials; what the hot trends for the new year will look like

New products from brand manufacturers: how Heimtextil exhibitors are interpreting the trends for 2016 / 17


We all know the feeling; that longing for peace and quiet, for balance and authenticity. It is most urgent at times when everyday life crowds in and leaves us without breathing space. And it is precisely at such times that our own home is at its most important – as a place to withdraw to, a haven of well-being. It is a place, where we can surround ourselves with things that help us to relax, that stimulate us and with things that do us good. The notion of wellness, a feeling of well-being – these are the key features of the homes and lifestyle of the future. Heimtextil, international trade fair for home and contract textiles, has a key slogan: ‘Well-Being 4.0’.


A team of six international design agencies has been commissioned by Heimtextil to identify four key trends for the home, under the heading of ‘Well-Being 4.0”, the overall trend for 2016/2017. Here, ‘Well-Being 4.0’ describes scenarios for soft furnishings that create an inviting environment with that feel-good factor, a place to relax. Everything is directed towards a better quality of life, a greater sense of wellness. In this, technology and science enjoy a symbiotic relationship with textiles and related materials and play an important role in the endeavour. The notion of ‘4.0’ is an allusion to the notion of ‘Industry 4.0’ and stands for smart, digital and personalised solutions. We take a brief look at the four major trends and at some of the new, trend-setting products from Heimtextil exhibitors in 2016.


Protect – a clean aesthetic and unfussy design. It defines a domestic style which offers protection, both in physical and mental terms and bases itself on a notion of calm, meditation and wellness. The colour palette for ‘Protect’ reflects its concept of purity and lightness.


Energise – an intuitive, highly energetic trend stream, which links human beings with technology and leads to a new level of energy, whereby light is used as a material to create immaterial forms. The colour palette shifts between strong and weak contrasts.


Nourish – this is the sustainable and ecological vision for well-being, where natural materials are paired with forward-looking design and where the dominant colours are green and earth tones.


Enrich – a trend that brings fashion to interior design and where opulence and highly ornamental elements echo our cultural past, at the same time as pointing us towards the future. Saturated colours, metallic accents and iconic patterns embody this fusion of influences from East and West.


Associated with the Protect trend are notions such as cleanliness, lightness, softness and snugly cosiness, calm and gentle sensitivity. You can find these things, for instance, in the ‘Natural’ collections from Eijffinger, curtains and wall coverings in natural yarns and bright, natural colours. Throws from UAB Silkeborg invite us to relax, as do the blankets in alpaca and high-quality Scandinavian wool and in natural colours. So too, indeed, the flannel and velvet covers from David Fussenegger. Lightness, transparency and unsophisticated, natural colourways are what the new ‘Vestale’ curtain collection from Élitis offers us, made from fine cotton fabrics in a linen weave. ‘Sama’, also from Élitis, invites us to relax on cushions of stonewashed linen, painstakingly lined with a delicate, transparent cotton weave. The ‘twin blinds’ from JAB Anstoetz, available with delicate flower patterns and geometrical designs, provide accents at the windows and, with their adjustable sections and varying degrees of transparency, provide for flexible lighting levels in a room and control the effects of light and shade. The same goes for the wooden blinds from Kadeco and Oba Perdesan; it is a natural, living material that offers protection and authenticity at one and the same time.


Pulsating with highly-charged levels of energy, with innovative materials and fluorescent colourways, with plenty of glitz and glitter, kaleidoscopic patterns and reflective surfaces – that is Energise, a furnishings trend which turns homes into laboratories of the future. The fabrics from Vanelli fit well into such a scenario, decorative fabrics and curtains, which provide striking accents with their textures and saturated, powerful colours. Ornamental and upholstery fabrics from Kobe’s ‘Expression’ collection pick up on this approach. They are woven using new types of yarn and offer brilliant colours and exciting surfaces and textures. The 3D wall coverings from Élitis will create a glitzy effect in any room, with their metallic background, their copper, silver and tin sheens and relief-like chiselled patterns. Exciting, too, are the 3D home textiles from Gaetano Rossini, little miracles in fabric, perfectly combining traditional craftwork, aesthetics and technological innovation. With their hand and bath towels, the Australian firm KAS draw on patterns and symbols from the digital world and bring them into the bathroom with luminous, intense colourways.


Protecting and preserving nature, concentrating on the essentials – the Nourish trend in home furnishings embodies the search for a world, which brings together town and country in a new architectural and design concept. ‘Country Home’ and ‘Natural Charme’, the latest collections from Alfred Apelt are all about staying close to nature. As are the linen and cotton fabrics from Northern Linen, who, however, also offer a line in eco fabrics. Linen bedcovers and pillow cases in natural colours and with patterns that echo natural motifs are on offer from the Indian company, Vrijesh. The ‘Lana Colour’ collection by Biederlack brings the sheep and its wool directly into the city loft, offering pure-wool throws that incorporate a contemporary crocheted edging and are presented in intense, ultra-modern colours with retro-look motifs. The ‘Dolcezza’ linen collection from Élitis has a purist elegance and a quality feel: in plain white or in natural tones, with washed colours, embroidered, soft and sensual to the touch. ‘Dolcezza’ is available as an upholstery fabric and as curtains, bedcovers and pillowcases. The name of the ‘Wallpower Rhythm’ wallcoverings by Eijffinger is to be taken literally: they bring power and a natural rhythm to the walls of the home and include a range of stone, wood and plant motifs.


Enrich is the trend for those who like dramatic settings, luxury, drama and opulence in their homes. Full-bodied, saturated colours such as plum and crimson are combined with metallic accents of gold, brass and bronze, so that ornaments blossom in new and contemporary ways. Decobel have signed up to elegant, luxurious fabrics and classical ornamentation. For their curtains, this Italian company uses velvet, silk and linen. Their speciality, in many ways, is the velvet, which appears in deep, saturated colours such as red, purple and azure blue. The ‘Grandezza’ range from Jab Anstoetz is opulent and glamorous and offers a Jacquard weave with shiny, shimmering accents, exciting to touch and impressive to look at. ‘Luxury Nights’ are promised by the bedlinen collection from Christian Fischbacher: with hand-embroidery, classic fabrics such as cotton, linen, poplin and silk; elegant and simple, they are made to the highest standards of perfection. And British Velvet keeps the promise of the company’s name and you can, for instance, get a Union Jack as a velvet throw for an armchair. There are, moreover, some shining examples on offer in the ‘Edition Unique’ by Alfred Apelt, with curtains and cushions in glorious, saturated, luminous colours and patterns, that will provide an eye-catching focal point for any and every room.


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