Therapeutical view

Matteo Thun Press

December 15, 2015

Eco Design

The Waldhotel extends the theme of sustainability to an innovative typology of hospitality as a complex that offers not only wellness facilities but also services for several kinds of medical care, all in a setting of unspoiled nature, quite unlike anything experienced at traditional hospitals.


The Waldhotel has 161 suites and about 4,800 square meters of space dedicated to medical services, spa activities, and wellness. All suites mix a traditional alpine and a contemporary style and offer a panoramic view on the surrounding mountainscape.


On the lakeside of Lake Lucerne, construction works for the Healthy Living luxury hotel are going on. Opening is expected for 2017.


LOCATION: Bürgenstock (DE)

CHRONOLOGY: 2012 – 2017

BUILDING AREA: 25,000 m²

CLIENT: Bürgenstock Hotels

Photo Gallery:Therapeutical view