Let’s make our house colourful with Karim Rashid!

Giuffrida Bragadin Srl / B-LINE Press

November 24, 2015

Products & Materials

The most iconic, eclectic and versatile designer of our times is with no doubt Karim Rashid. His creations, worldwide known and appreciated, have a unique and perfectly recognizable style. The use of colour and contemporary shapes make these projects by Karim Rashid desirable objects.


B-LINE, young Italian company from Padua, proposes a collection with numerous pieces of furniture created by the famous designer. B-LINE can count on collaborations with internationally known designers, and Karim Rashid perfectly reflects the company philosophy which consists in making design its “trade-mark”. The furnishing and accessories by B-LINE, perfect for both the residential and the contract area, are conceived for those who love an innovative, original, but at the same time functional style.



Karim Rashid, symbol of this concept, has designed for the company Gemma, Oskar, Snoop and Woopy!


Gemma is a rotomoulded polyethylene, compact and multi-faceted armchair (because of its compact size it can be used for table seating) that recalls the shape of a precious stone.

Gemma provides comfortable seating and, because of material and natural inclination, lends itself equally to indoor and outdoor use. Available in white, black, coral red, pastel green and Hollywood fuchsia and in the lacquered version it is available in majolica blue, obsidian black and orchid.


Oskar is a rotomoulded polyethylene framed wall mirror characterized by round shapes that take inspiration from the famous puppet of the Muppets show. Its rounded friendly shapes are typically those one would expect from something designed by Karim Rashid.

Besides its use as a mirror, Oskar can be used for storing numerous everyday objects in its handy pocket compartment, while its two rounded hooks allow objects to be hung. Available in white, black, coral red, topaz blue and Hollywood fuchsia.


Snoop is a solid, rotomoulded polyethylene stool, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Snoop can also be used as a small table with two built-in pockets to hold magazines, or as a stackable element from which to create bookcases of various shapes, sizes and colours. Available in white, basalt grey, pastel green and topaz blue.


Woopy is an armchair – available also in stool-size version – made from a single rotomoulded polyethylene piece. Woopy is also suitable for outdoor use and it is characterized by sinuous and ergonomic lines. Available in white, basalt grey, pastel green and topaz blue but also present in an upholstered version with eco leather or leather covering.



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