Idol – The hotel for Black Music lovers?

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October 20, 2015


The Idol is a new hotel composed by Yann Gasparini, Jazz, Soul and Funk music lover, renovated by Elegancia Hotels and painted by artist Julie Gauthron.


Groove baby groove!

The Idol is a place unlike any other. More than a hotel, the Idol (and its 32 rooms) is a sensorial experience that awakens all your senses, the sight as much as the touch and the hearing.

The Idol Hotel provides the emotion of a design hotel but with something else: sound and groove.

Composed by Yann Gasparini, Jazz, Soul and Funk music lover, painted by Julie Gauthron, the funkiest decorator in Parisian hotel industry, renovated by Elegancia Hotels as well as AD-Tango, and cleverly set to music by Parisian Dj and record dealer François Mazza, the Idol Hotel is a joyful  hymn to Black Music from the 60’s to the 80’s.

When you enter this hotel, you will instantly feel a slight shiver down your spine upon hearing the first notes of Boogie Wonderland (Earth Wind & Fire) or Across 110th Street (Bobby Womack)!

This jamming hotel sells as many experiences as overnight stays and leaves nothing to chance to take fans back to the heart of the 70’s!


The grooviest hotel in Paris!

Located on rue d’Edimbourg, near the Grands Magasins district, just a (Rolling) stone’s throw away from the Opera Garnier, the grooviest hotel in the City of Lights celebrates this historically music-oriented neighborhood. In the very same street is also located the Conservatoire Municipal de Paris and the Conservatoire National was also located there for a long time. Therefore, many musical instruments makers have settled down in this street and in its surroundings, where you can find guitars, violins, double basses… A commemorative plaque even reminds us that famous music critic and eminent expert on Berlioz’s work Adolphe Boschot lived there.

In the “musical” lobby, above the piles of vinyl records, the collection of sculptural “Clark” ceiling lights by editor DelightFull, made of gold-coated brass, gives the trumpet, the trombone and the organ a new function and announces the score about to be played in the hotel.

A bright neon light sculpted by artist Julie Gauthron and entitled “The Sound of the Trumpet” illuminates the lounge area. A photocall backdrop even enables guests to take a photo in front of a record cover (while wearing one of the wigs) and to post it on Facebook or Instagram, to mimic Austin Powers: “ Groovy baby!”

It is also in this welcoming and vintage room — with its Jazz club feel —  that a delicious sweet and salty breakfast is served every day  from 7:30 to 11 am to hotel guests as well as exterior guests.

The hotel also features a small patio with honeysuckle and jasmine, which provides the option of having breakfast outside on warm days or simply to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the heart of Paris.


Pop Soul rooms!

Lady Soul, Moon Blue, Light My Fire, Jungle Fever and of course, Give me the Night*… Adorned like the colorful album covers of famous labels Stax Records or Motown, the 32 rooms and suites play a vintage melody without ever settling down in any particular period: a little of the 50’s, a bit of the 70’s, and a touch of the 80’s. Far away from current neo-minimalism, the hotel proudly displays its glittering wallpapers, its pop-colored Corian furniture (red, green, orange), its spherical lamps (a reference to Studio 54, temple of disco music in the 70’s) and all its cheeky smashing-up of colors: peacock blue-gold, fuchsia-olive green, yellow-red… The golden list of albums that have inspired the rooms is as long as the playlist of a Dj: George Clinton, Snoop Dog, Leroy Hutson, Sly Stone, James Brown, George Benson of course, but also the iconic disco band Earth Wind & Fire. Glamorous and fresh, the decoration gives in to playfulness and sensuality. All elements are texturized (velvet, vinyl…) and they arise a desire to touch everything, to caress the walls and furniture. The decoration designed by Julie Gauthron is melodious: it is as charming as the colorful records you might find on a Sunday morning bargain hunt.


Funky Suites!

In the corridors, you will admire the magnificent Coltrane lamps in the shape of a trumpet handle.

My Chérie Amour, Give Me the Night, Blue Sunshine, Jungle Fever and Feeling Good, the 5 suites (30 to 35 square meters) play the tune of a period when music made everyone dance. All of them feature spherical speakers that can be connected to a smartphone via the Bluetooth of the amp set in the small desk. Depending on your mood, you may choose the hammam under the roofs with your other half (Feeling Good), or the wonderful luminous bathtub (Blue Sunshine and Give Me The Night), or the fresh and colorful tones that spark an irresistible need to move your body (Jungle Fever) or the harmony of colors going from red to black (My Chérie Amour).


Music box!

In this 32-room hotel, music can even sooth the walls. Parisian record shop owner François Mazza, a.k.a. “DJ Maz”, and Yann Gasparini, Jazz and Black music lover, have carefully picked a selection of records for the Idol Hotel, and had “Planet L” spheres, an emblem of the iconic brand Elipson, installed in the rooms, and good old turn tables in the common areas. All year round, guests and Parisians will be able to attend a variety of musical events held at the hotel.


They will even be able to find the hotel’s playlists on Whyd, the new social network:

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