Cersaie 2015 – the latest trends in the world of ceramics

Izabela Ninic, Architect

October 7, 2015


The Cersaie fair was held in Bologna from September 28th to October 2nd, which showed the latest trends in the world of ceramics. Once again, we could see how rich and diverse the world of ceramic tiles is and how ceramics is rightfully becoming applicable in all spaces.


The concept of ceramics as a cold material reserved just for kitchens and bathrooms is gone. This is a material that is finding its place on the floors, walls and furniture components of all the rooms.


Neutral, calm colors and lively compositions, in faithful imitation of the structure of wood, stone, cement or concrete, this material becomes a visually rich and warm to the touch. A combination of matte and glossy surfaces or a dominant matt surface is a must, and reliefs are often introduced.


Hexagon is a form of the season and is applied in all formats and designs.


This form is very successfully combined with rectangular tiles of large format in imitation of concrete, cement or stone. It can be applied on the floor, part of the floor, in imitation of a carpet or on walls as decoration.


Retro design is also present through other formats and patterns, as well as elements of furniture in the interior and the choice of such a style is a trendy hit. One of them is certainly the imitation of brick.


Tiles in imitation of wood are still very popular. The dimensions are different, and combined with other patterns. They are combined with wood pattern furniture, creating a rustic or refined impression, depending on the finish of the wood. 


What is new is the stacking of tiles in imitation of rusty metal in a format that mimics the parquet. The use of metal is generally trendy so it is advisable to introduce this material into elements of furniture.


Relief is also a trendy pattern, but in a way that it includes prints of floral patterns, abstract geometry or pure abstraction. The same applies to the relief itself.


Imitation of concrete and cement is still popular, but the imitation of marble is a real hit, especially white marble.


Everything is accompanied by green, retro furniture or furniture with simple lines, and with mirrors goes the mandatory integration of LED lighting.


World of ceramics is rich and diverse, and fans of all styles will find a trendy direction for themselves


Photo: Cersaie

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