Decorate your walls with paintings

Izabela Ninic, Architect

October 1, 2015

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No matter how beautifully decorated the space is, without finishing details it is impersonal and generic.


For all those who want to follow the trends and decorate the space in accordance with the guidelines imposed by this year’s furniture fair in Milan, Salone del Mobile, here are a few tips for selecting and positioning the paintings in space.


Place a large format painting on the dominant wall. The motif of the painting can be abstract as well as the shape of the painting itself.


With this painting you can combine a number of smaller classic paintings, because combination of styles is very trendy. It is important that they are related to each other, otherwise the harmony can turn into disharmony.


Large format paintings can be created by grouping a large number of small paintings into a single unit. You will not go wrong if you play around with paintings that are stylistically the same, but very interesting combinations can be created when combining diversity. Such compositions also fit small spaces, because the elements of the whole are of a small size.


When displaying a large format painting you should take into account the trend of macro motifs of flora and fauna, human figures, children, ethnic motifs and abstract geometry. Because of its size, this image requires a larger space.


It can be wall mounted or simply leaning onto it. The motive can be drawn or painted on the wall itself.


Large format paintings can be put in smaller spaces if you visually reduce the significance of the painting – set the painting above a dresser on which you put a number of small decorative items.


In addition to ethnic motifs on the painting itself, you can decorate with traditional wall tapestries, which will give the desired effect regardless of the motif. They can be placed above a sofa, a chest of drawers or even be gracefully overlapping with a dresser.


Placing paintings onto a shelf unit placed against the wall is always interesting, and in combination with other decorative items can be very expressive. The same applies to the stand-alone paintings and photos on a dresser and above a headboard.


And do not forget; regardless of the trends introduce yourself and your preferences into your space, because it should be a reflection of yourself!

Photo: Arflex

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