Trendy offices – feel like at home!

Izabela Ninic, Architect

September 21, 2015

Contract Furniture

Office furniture fair, Salone Ufficio, held in Milan in April this year, has set the latest trends in interior design of offices.  The working title of this year was Workplace 3, and it was dedicated to design and technology.


The rhythm and the way of life of people is rapidly changing, technology is evolving, and with all these factors the way we work is also changing. Time has become precious, and person as an individual more important. This concept introduces completely new directions in office furnishing, and the finishing touch is “home comfort”.


Waiting room areas are very similar to the living rooms. Comfortable sofas and armchairs, coffee table and trendy carpets are an integral part of this space. Floor lamps, large greenery and decorative items will further enhance this atmosphere. Colors like white, shades of brown, red, green, yellow or blue are mandatory.


If these are small spaces, two armchairs in a variety of colors, a trendy coffee table with retro design and an unusual hanger are enough.


Work zone is equipped with tables with oval lines, wood pattern details are common, and the cabinets are very similar to those found in living rooms. Combining colors and materials is required, as well as the use of decorative items. Desk chairs are very expressive, fabrics are in vibrant colors, and are combined with wall guards or partitions in the space.


Chairs for visitors are completely different in style; they are casual and similar to home chairs. Library is the essential part of the office, and shelves do not only hold books but are also decorated with household items.


Meeting rooms are like dining rooms. Chairs are placed in a combination of several colors, and tables are very simple, retro in design. Trendy standalone lamp is a required detail in this space.


Regardless of the type of space, it is important to introduce new rules to offices: introduce nature through greenery or furniture with wood patterns, play with vibrant colors and insert trendy lighting, because the classic office lighting is disappearing. Retro design introduces softness and warmth to office furniture so at least introduce it in space in details. Mixing of styles is also a part of the trend so turn it into an interesting game that will make your workspace a different and more interesting one!


Photo: Arper

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