Design Influenced by Nature, Legends and Traditional Cultures


September 13, 2015

Products & Materials

“I draw memories to create what I have never seen.”  Joana Santos Barbosa – Founder & Creative Director

Created by Architect Joana Santos Barbosa in 2012, INSIDHERLAND is a Portuguese brand of exclusive author design. Drawn with the signature of the creator, all creations are closely connected with personal memories and have been highlighted for their innovative contemporary designs that wisely interpret the mysteries of the natural World.  


INSIDHERLAND presents Beyond Memory Collection with exquisite furniture, lighting, upholstery and accessories deeply influenced by organic forms of nature, legends and traditional cultures that arouse emotions and stand out in exquisite spaces. Using the expertise of traditional craft techniques of extreme value, all creations are made by the hands of Portuguese master craftsmen and jewelers who wisely sculpt them in noble materials, finalizing every detail with elegance and perfection.  



INSIDHERLAND will once again showcase in London. For the first time at DECOREX INTERNATIONAL (20-23.09.2015), the leading luxury interiors event for design professionals, INSIDHERLAND Founder & Creative Director Joana Santos Barbosa will launch her newest exclusive creations in a sophisticated and elegant ambience.  




The Tree Branches wall lamp handcrafted in hammered patinated brass is a conceptual approach, designed to recreate the sunbeams that pierce the density of forests.


The clean lines of this stylish piece have the same technique of the original side table, using a more detailed approximation as if we were closely looking to a single branch that hides us from the sunlight while we stand in its shadow. Therefore, the light only appears on a secondary plan, brightening the wall around it.



Western sofa is similar to the original design of the Western armchair that rescues the image of a cowboy hat standing in a saddle rack.


The top performs the concave hat with rounded tabs and the band around it turns into a comfortable cushion. The base in walnut approaches the structure and color of the saddle rack.



“Knowing Figueroa Mountain for so many years, I’ve always admired it as an invaluable painting that’s too superb to be confined in a Museum. Instead, the immeasurable curved forms rise freely above the ground, allowing me to absorb fragments of its beauty and transform them into one of my special creations.” Joana Santos Barbosa 


Located in the sunny California on the south-west of the United States of America, the charming Figueroa Mountain is a magical landscape that led to the creation of the Figueroa armchair. The long curves of this mountain were taken to the armchair’s exterior and the mountainside ripples, that seem to have been dug by large fingers coming from the sky, were placed on the inside.



The top of the armchair features the great bow of the skyline and the yellow tone of the ground is replaced by the base in brushed brass. Both soft velvet and brass are reunited in the soft curves that go all around this compact creation. Just like the mountain meets the land.




“Since I can remember, I think of Alentejo as the most peaceful place in my Country. On the rolling plains of this land, thousands of cork oak trees open their branches to the sky and, in a powerful reunion, conceive an impressive scenario where time seems to stop.” Joana Santos Barbosa 


Alentejo side table is a glimpse over the South of Portugal where thousands of cork oaks trees raise their canopies to the sky. Overlapped on branches opened in obtuse angles, the canopies are separated from their support bases, being gracefully balanced above the ground. These typical trees seem like tables spread across the horizon.



Choosing one of the four tops available, we approach the different seasons: Spring in a dark green lacquered, Summer in a sunburned tone of walnut marquetry, Autumn in an empty space of acrylic and Winter in the white hues of Estremoz marble. The slender base in cast brass with patinated effect results of a careful sculpted work that highlights the natural details. Each root lightly touches the ground taking its own direction as shadows that vanish into the landscape.



Diné Bikeyah or Navajoland is located in the United States of America within the boundary of four sacred mountains, Mt. Blanca to the east, Mt. Taylor to the south, San Francisco Peak to the west and Mt Hesperus to the north near Durango, Colorado. The Navajo natives, the Diné believe that these mountains were created by the Holy People who taught them how to live in harmony with Mother Earth, Father Sky and all other elements of nature such as man, animals and plants. In this impressive territory with dozen national monuments that cross Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, we find Navajo Canyon, a magnificent cliff formation. The sandstone canyon high waved walls in brownish red and white tones contrasting with Lake Powell’s blue waters perform an impressive sight. 


The cabinet Navajo Canyon reinvents the glorious majesty of Arizona cliffs with their twists and turns along the Colorado River. With the identical proportions and tones of the rock formations sedimented over thousands of years, this cabinet is built through a complex process finished in full height walnut veneer and its base in white sycamore. By accentuating the long exterior lines without any visible opening, the apparently solid volume resembles the stone walls so we can travel a long journey through the serpentine cliffs.


On the walnut interior, two glass shelves go unnoticed while the turquoise silhouette of the Colorado River suddenly appears between four drawers. Taking advantage of the natural curves, each drawer opens, unveiling its interior totally lacquered in the same hue which gives us the feeling of jumping in freefall from the top of the cliff to dive in the crystal clear waters of the river.


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