A Home by the Water – Chilmark Style

Andrea Halley-Wright (DesignSense) / Gil Walsh Interiors Press / Danica Maricic, Editor-in-Chief

August 28, 2015


Whenever we think of a home by the water, we think of the sound of the surf, the warm gentle breezes of summer, and a view of endless sky.


We also think of easy living spaces with at least the appearance of casual style and furnishings and art randomly selected over the years. That is the magic that designer Gil Walsh brought to a Chilmark, Massachusetts home that her client asked her to collaborate on.


Perched on a hill overlooking South Beach, this home is all about light, view, architecture and integrating existing furniture pieces into the design. Every element used in this home was purposely selected as a unique piece of art from the architecture, to the profile of the furnishings, to the light fixtures and the art on the walls.


Hardly a rustic beach shack, this 7,000 square foot home was newly built with all the amenities that allow for year round living. Walsh worked closely with the architect and the homeowner to create a seamless whole that would reflect the essential spirit that she knew, through instinct and experience, her clients were looking for.


The designer says: “In addition to working on the layout of the rooms to maximize light and views, it was thrilling to discover that the clients had a trove of heirloom furniture, furnishings and art that we could combine with newer pieces, giving the overall scheme depth and texture that it would not have otherwise have had. In the process we were able to subtly shift a few of the walls to accommodate some of the décor – a rare luxury that  helped make the end result even more special.”


Based in Florida and Massachusetts, Gil Walsh specializes in creating highly personal home environments that are as satisfying for their lucky homeowners as they are for any of us lucky enough to visit. Known for her extraordinary eye for design, color and fabric; she has led over $200 million in design work over 40 years.


Gil realized early in her career that interior design enabled her to integrate her keen fashion sense with her deep interest in art history, antiques and architecture. As a life-long student of classic design and a registered Interior Designer, Gil is passionate about her work. She takes great pride in sharing her knowledge and experience with her clients. Classically trained in the 1970’s, Gil learned from the masters of English, French and Italian design. Her hands on training with master craftsmen in areas of furniture and window treatment fabrication, wood working, plastering, comes to life in her design work.


Verbally communicating design or style likes and dislikes is often hard for clients. By quickly building rapport and trust with her clients, Gil is able to collaboratively develop three dimensional spaces that take into consideration lifestyles, client wishes and classic design elements.



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