Integrate the kitchen and living room

Izabela Ninic, Architect

August 25, 2015


The last few years kitchen is gaining in importance, as it is no more only a space for food preparation, but is becoming a place for gathering and socializing. It has an extremely important role in the shaping of space – it is becoming open, with attractive modern design, modern materials and technology.


Recent trends leave the possibility to connect the kitchen directly with the living room. This interrelationship between the kitchen and the living room opens up new provocative possibilities in designing the space.


Possibilities are going a step further and the kitchen, besides spatially, is also being integrated into a single unit with a living room through furniture. Such spatial compositions are becoming attractive in the context of the kitchen and living room. Hoods are becoming like chandeliers accentuating the ceiling and with stylish linking or enhanced contrast are being connected with the rest of lighting fixtures in the space, especially those on the ceiling.


Kitchen wall, in these integrated combinations, can be successfully used as a decorative cover for the whole area. The decoration of the wall can be refined, decorated with additional lighting effects, but also very crazy, depending on the user preferences and their tastes.


Integration of the kitchen and living room is very attractive in large living spaces, and additionally functional and recommended in smaller ones, where such connectivity and overlapping of functions creates space for new content.


Photos: Rastelli – Kitchen Beluga

Photo Gallery:Integrate the kitchen and living room