Create an interaction between the external and internal space

Izabela Ninic, Architect

August 5, 2015

Products & Materials

During the warm summer days the connection between the indoor and outdoor living space is very intense. Pleasant view and proper relations within the space will enrich the life of the household.


Life indoors is much more comfortable if we do everything to deny the barriers around us. Visual barricades encumbered by furniture components create tension which we are not even aware of. The simplest way to avoid this problem is to do everything possible to orientate the living zone towards the outside. It is desirable to use as many glass walls, and less windows.


Often mistaken occur in the organization of the living room, dining room and kitchen. If space is connected, there is a feeling of lightness and connection with the outer space is ignored. TV with a stand is usually mounted on the wall and a full three-piece sitting set is positioned so that its back is turned to the glass wall or window. That ignores the visually enlarged space and the view of the open space.


A common mistake is setting the dining room table along the wall, and putting the sitting set in the interior of the space. Height of the table and chairs closes the view of outer space and again makes it closed and unpleasant. This does not apply to large areas.


With minimal modifications your space will get a new dimension. Turn the seating so that you can look far into outer space, directly or at least sideways.


If the organization of space is such that it is impossible to perform proper positioning, create a relaxing corner that will have an open view of the outer space and you’ll quickly realize how much this position is relaxing.

In these areas it is desirable to introduce more greenery, to emphasize the outer space.


Light effects will come to the fore during the night, so be creative!


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