Rare Editions by BRABBU

Brabbu Press / Danica Maricic, Editor-in-Chief

July 13, 2015

Products & Materials

DUKONO, one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes, incorporates an unpredictable strength. The same strength this wingback chair brings to a modern home decor. With a strong attitude in its red patterned satin, DUKONO will make a statement in any ambiance that embraces it.



Fitting SIKA wingback chair in a modern home decor is suiting a blend of strength and elegance inspired in deer specie rooted in Japan – where it is considered to be sacred. The most distinctive features of SIKA wingback chair are its patterned fabric covered by brass tackles and the imposing arms and headrest, resembling the deer’s fur and antlers. That’s why SIKA fits a strong modern home decor: it transmits a statement of wildness, as well as protection. SIKA wingback chair is an imposing furniture piece that will add a special charisma to any modern home decor.



A mid-century modern furniture piece, MAORI bordeaux synthetic leather armchair inspiration was based on a New Zealand tribe known by the same name, MAORI. They have a traditional dance called Haka, which they perform for numerous reasons such as welcoming guests.


MAORI armchair has the pleasure to welcoming everyone that would like to learn the Haka moves through this mid-century modern furniture in bordeaux synthetic leather. Revive the MAORI Tribe’s spirit in your living room set with this elegant mid-century modern furniture piece.



A modern living room is a place for worshiping peace and joy. In that endeavor, BRABBU designed the light grey hammered velvet armchair BAKAIRI. This accent chair was inspired on the BAKAIRI tribe. The legend says that this tribe was created by the twin gods Keri and Kame. Together they adapted the world for humans to live in. With similar purpose, BAKAIRI armchair has the aim to change the way humans live in a modern living room, giving them more comfort through the light grey hammered velvet soft touch. Place the armchair in a modern living room and let yourself being involved by the gods of BAKAIRI.



An armchair designed for a modern home decor inspired by the dialogues of the Bakaya pigmy tribe. OKA means “”listen””, listen to people that are perfectly adapted to their natural environment, and who, despite the extreme remoteness and dangers of their forest home in central Africa, always find opportunities to express their humor, joyfulness and musical genius. OKA armchair embodies a myth of people that live joyfully with nature and tells a story while letting you feel its comfort and softness of the satin cotton. OKA armchair is perfect for a modern home décor.



If Cleopatra was alive today, how would it be the furniture of her palace? That was the question which dared our team of designers and the mid-century modern design chair DALYAN is the answer.


DALYAN armchair is a home furniture piece in which balance is represented. It resembles the famous mud baths in Turkey, appreciated by Cleopatra for its beauty benefits. DALYAN armchair will bring beauty to every decor whether regarding a palace, a villa or an apartment. The velvet of this home furniture piece will give the final touch to every project.



Each of BRABBU’s living room furniture pieces arises from a fight between inspiration and hard work. Symbol of knowledge and rebirth, Nº 20 armchair was raised through a long journey of a total set of 24 prototypes intended to reinterpret the forces of nature in a living room furniture piece.


Nº 20 distinguishes itself for its attitude represented in its fabric, a beautiful and standing out gold synthetic leather, and a structure that embraces us with strength and determination, like Mother Nature. Nº20 armchair it’s a modern living room furniture piece that will bring elegance to any decoration.



Our designers travelled to the Malay Archipelago, located between the Southeastern of Asia and Australia, in order to project a living room set, capable of whispering the stories of diverse cultures such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore. These ethnicities give life to MALAY – a graceful golden textured velvet armchair with a mystical soul that will fulfill your entire living room set with energy from Nature. Enjoy this comfortable armchair, placing it as a centerpiece in your living room set.




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