Bathroom furniture – feel like in the living room

Izabela Ninic, Architect

July 1, 2015

Bathroom & Spa


The latest trends in interior design aim to realize a pleasant home atmosphere. This applies in particular to the atmosphere of the living room. Items of furniture that are reminiscent of the style of this area have spread to the bathroom. Dynamic design, a combination of colors and materials, and interesting lighting are the main features of modern bathroom furniture.




Preferred is a large work surface with a sink, which can also serve as an additional shelf. In fact, horizontal emphasis is the thing that is very modern, and also makes space seem wider. Shelves or drawers under the sink are practical and decorative, and often this item of furniture is accompanied by a vertical cabinet. It can be composed of several individual cabinets so it decorates the wall.


The structure of wood combined with colors such as gray, blue, yellow, green, brown or coffee is ideal. Vivid colors can also be introduced through decorative elements. In the overall style, this element of furniture is visually very similar to a TV cabinet.


The mirror is a required element of any bathroom. Trendy are extremely vertical or horizontal mirrors, which is very convenient for small spaces. In addition to the rectangular shape, a good selection is also a mirror of an organic shape that will give the area a distinctive expression.


Lighting is integrated in the mirror, which allows for great creativity. In addition to the central and functional lighting around the mirror, table or freestanding lamp is becoming a compulsory element, bringing with it the atmosphere of a living room.


In large spaces it is also possible to introduce additional details that will create a similar atmosphere-detached hanger, armchair, carpet, footstool or coffee table. Plants are refreshing, but also a decorative element, so be sure to introduce them into your bathroom.


Photo: Azzura

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