Highlight the space with stone

Izabela Ninic, Architect

May 11, 2015

Products & Materials

The living space will come to the fore if properly designed, well naturally lit and well equipped. Materials further highlight the space, because their combination can create an impressive atmosphere and stylistic affiliation.


Impressions that certain materials create in various positions in the home, can be completely different, and it depends on the way they are used, processed or their quantity in space.


Stone is one of the cold materials. It can be used in different ways. As wall cladding it can be used to emphasize the ambiance value and rustic quality, if used in natural rubble forms. If properly processed and, as such, placed on the surface of walls, it will create a completely different impression with its smooth, geometric surfaces. The character of space will depend on the method of installation and way the stone was processed. In any case, the vertical surfaces coated with stone are becoming a dominant part of space.


Stone can also be used to emphasize floor surfaces. By combining different types of stone and stacking tiles of different sizes, you can create works of art on the floor. Stone, with its colors and sizes is becoming a prominent part of interior design.


The use of stone in furniture creates powerful and impressive features. It is used for coffee tables, dining room tables, kitchen worktops, sinks, etc. Given its dimension and massiveness, it leaves a distinct impression; it is noticeable in furniture and participates in the creation of the overall mood.


It is a very trendy material, particularly marble, so renew your space with this part of nature.

Photo: myIstria

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