“Salone del Mobile” has set the latest trends in interior decoration

Izabela Ninic, Architect

April 22, 2015

Products & Materials

The 54th edition of the furniture fair “Salone del Mobile” was held in Milan from April 14 to 19 this year. On a total area of 201,700m2, design products were showcased by 2,106 exhibitors and 700 young designers. The fair was visited by 310,840 visitors, and 69% of exhibitors were made up by foreign companies.

This year Salone del Mobile says: “Tell the story”. The story refers to creating a pleasant atmosphere and setting up your own ideal of beauty in space. Inspiration can be found everywhere, especially in the arts, people, traveling…


This year’s destinations of world famous designers were Miami and the 80s revival, northern Europe and its minimalism and pastel shades, and especially Africa through folk expression, crafts and traditions, retro styles of the second half of the last century. Elements of furniture can be transformed, in form and function, and therefore the space becomes dynamic and variable, depending on the needs and moods of its users. In contrast, the trend is firmly and clearly defined elements in the space.


Many designers have found their furniture design inspiration in the “children’s world” and have in a peculiar way transformed them into “serious” products.


Trends have not ignored the natural atmosphere in the room. They are primarily achieved by introducing plants of larger format, which form the “internal gardens”.


The trendy color is red brown, but it is followed by other “impure colors”, rich in oxides and pigments, which emerge from the shades of turquoise, and the colors of blueberries and barley. There are also variations from red to purple.


Lighting is a very important element of the interior. The designers even go one step further to create the fourth dimension of space with lighting: activating walls, ceilings and floors, which regulate the lighting. Thus, the space becomes dynamic in the true sense of the word: through the active surfaces and dynamic changes of intensity and methods of lighting.


When it comes to materials, their range is very wide. In application, wood is still leading, and metal, glass, plastic are used in combination with wood. The use of fabric is also very popular and upholstered sofas, chairs, beds and footstools are very fashionable. They are made in the combination of materials: wood/fabric, metal/fabric or plastic/fabric. Structures that mimic concrete are very popular and are often combined with wooden surfaces. Thus, the cold concrete contrasts the warmth of wood and creates very interesting forms with specific spatial atmosphere.


Comfort is particularly emphasized. Seating sets in living rooms are large, with the possibility of transformation and accompanied by comfortable armchairs and footstools.


Beds in the bedrooms are also extremely solid and comfortable, often with an upholstered headboard and lots of cushions.


If you want to follow the latest trends in interior design of your home, keep it retro or use folk styles tailored to the needs of today, introduce a lot of comfort and your personality and play with lighting, as an indispensable element of any interior.

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