How to decorate a basement?

Izabela Ninic, Architect

March 19, 2015

Products & Materials

The basement areas are generally not favorable for a longer stay, because they have no natural light and in older buildings there are frequently problems with moisture. Problems with moisture are difficult to remediate unless with detailed renovation or reconstruction of the foundations, and smaller problems can be eliminated by special devices, which dehumidify the space and create a favorable microclimate.


Convert the basement into an active space for use and rest. If you have a basement with a source of daylight, you can use it as a work space, which you otherwise can not fit into your existing living space. Workspace is becoming necessary in every household, so using the cellar for this function will solve the problem of its accommodation.


The basement can be decorated as an entertainment area. If you dedicate it exclusively for children, decorate it as a playroom with warm floors, good lighting, vibrant colors on the walls, a kitchenette, (usually somewhere near the water connection), and all the props needed for playing. If the space is decorated for entertainment and young adults, it is necessary to ensure the power supply for the connection of audio – video devices, instruments, additional lighting effects, refrigerator with drinks and similar.


In a separate part of the basement place a coffee table, sofas or chairs for sitting, and a bar with lighting would be effective to compliment the atmosphere of a coffee bar. For the purpose of entertainment you can decorate it as a tavern, which will be the perfect place for socializing and tasting specialties. In this case, set a table for 8-10 people.


The basement can be used for decorating a hobby space. Given the different types of leisure activities, such as painting, model building, photographing, jewelry making and making other ornaments, dancing, playing instruments, training, spa area, etc., there are different possibilities for decorating the basement. Basement is a valuable space, which should be used in a much better way. Although decorating the basement area requires greater or lesser financial allocations, it it will ultimately contribute to the quality of housing and benefit all the residents.


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