Classic product line: high-quality look in the entry price segment

Häcker Press

March 15, 2015


Häcker is presenting the new lacquer laminate model in two designs – Laser Brillant in high gloss and Laser Soft in matt captivate by virtue of a high-quality look. These lacquer laminate fronts are characterized by a special appearance, feel, quality and workmanship. With this range of fronts, the company is currently writing an unparalleled success story.


The first design charmingly combines Laser Brillant in warm Pearl grey with the Oak sand wood décor of the Bali model. The second design plays with the contrast of gloss and matt: Laser Brillant in high-gloss white and Laser Soft in popular matt basalt grey. The surroundings are clearly defined in stylish Petrol.


The third classic model also uses Petrol with the Uno front. Combined with the Atlanta front in Yew white, this design is also in vogue.


Photo Gallery:Classic product line: high-quality look in the entry price segment