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March 5, 2015

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Launched in January 2014, Galerie Negropontes is a gallery showroom dedicated to contemporary furniture and design located in the heart of Paris’ 7th arrondissement. Created and curated by lifelong friends, Sophie Negropontes – dedicated lover of the arts and design, and managerial mastermind of operations – and Hervé Langlais – interior designer, architect, and creator of the one-off and limited edition pieces of furniture and decoration sold at the gallery.



The dynamic duo’s ambition brings the French Decorative Arts towards a new artistic dimension by presenting creations – bespoke unique pieces and limited editions – made out of the highest quality materials. The gallery offers exclusive and custom-made concepts to the most exceptional requests. Everything here is pure of form and made with precious materials. In addition, the Galerie Negropontes also hosts exhibitions twice a year that champion the work of the artists, sculptors, photographers and other furniture designers that lie close to its heart. Their unique, contemporary designs and collaborations with passionate artists creates a luxurious address of a rare and intriguing quality.



Galerie Negropontes’s work has the rare ability to serve more than its primary function, leading to a quietly powerful design presence, often sculptural, always elegant and approaching iconic. Their collections, entirely made in France, reveal a new facet of Galerie Negropontes, who until now had been noted for its ability to create furniture that was both sculptural and functional.



Galerie Negropontes – 60 Rue de Verneuil, 75007 Paris, France

Sophie Negropontes – Founder


“I wanted to break boundaries and take art lovers into the world of furniture design. The gallery incites you to look beyond the functionality of an object, revealing it as a sculpture.” – Sophie Negropontes Parisian born with Greek and Romanian descent and daughter of renowned photographer Dan Grigorescu, Sophie Negropontes is a dedicated lover of the arts and design. Her past experiences include representing a famous brand of perfumes in Hong Kong, heading a team of stylists and managers for an image wear company, and managing director and partner of Synomia. Sophie guides art enthusiasts and design aficionados in their quest for unique and contemporary furniture, accompanying each client in their search for exceptional, tailored-made furniture. The roots behind the Galerie Negropontes are inspired by Sophie’s varied experiences.

Hervé Langlais – Artistic Director and Designer

Hervé Langlais completes the duo behind the Galerie Negropontes. Passionate about pure geometric forms whilst using authentic and exquisite materials has created many bespoke collections for the gallery. A graduate of the Rouen School of Architecture, Interior Designer and Architect Hervé Langlais is the Artistic Director of the Galerie Negropontes. For over twenty years, Hervé has been exploring all levels of creation as he worked on aspiring projects such as the Beijing Opera, as well as designing bespoke furniture pieces alongside Paul Andreu. He founded and served as Artistic Director of Le Labo Design – creator of lighting and textiles in metal mesh (2006-2012). Hervé Langlais regularly collaborates with companies such as La Fibule, Drugeot Labo, D’Argentat, CVL and Designheure. Hervé Langlais brings his creative intuition by designing limited edition pieces and collections for the Galerie Negropontes.

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