TABLO: colours, range of functions and modern form


February 21, 2015

Bedroom & Kids Room

PAIDI responds to the altered demands on children’s desks

Learning and doing homework are not the favourite occupations of children. According to newer psychological findings the motivation of children can be increased thanks to an optimal equipped desk. 

The children’s and youth furniture manufacturer PAIDI has designed its desk TABLO with regards to these considerations. The result is a modern desk which can be individualized with coloured inlays and which offers space for digital media – and corresponds naturally to ergonomic demands. The matching chair TIO is height-adjustable and completes the optimal learning place.


It is important for the motivation that children like their desk. That’s the reason why experts recommend to involve kids in buying the desk and to give them a free hand to decorate it. MP3 Player, smart phones and tablet pc should also be allowed on the desk because who works concentrated also needs a break.


Individualization by colours, modern form and a range of functions

“Parents choose a desk with regards to timeless design, durability and ergonomics. For Kids the look is essential“, knows Roland Mayer, PAIDI sales manager and product manager Büffelland. “In TABLO all aspects are combined.”

TABLO is available in ecru, maplewood or oak imitation. One highlight is the modern trapezium shape which is accentuated by the two silver side parts. “Our aim was to equip TABLO with a lot of functions but not making cuts in design”, explains PAIDI manager Udo Groene.

The four well-designed trays offer not only storage space for pens & Co but they can be chosen in five different colours: lime, blackberry, sun yellow, azure and orange. Furthermore in TABLO a drinking bottle and cup of the brand manufacturer ‘koziol’ are integrated.


Another functional plus: Due to two castors at the feet TABLO can easily be moved.

An optional accessory is the drawer which offers a lot of storage space – also for tablet pcs and notebooks. It is also available in a version filled with wax crayons, coloured pens, pencils, rubber and sharpener branded ‘Faber-Castell’ and a pad of paper (size A3) of the company ‘brunnen’.

For whom who needs more storage space the drawer unit on castors is an ideal accessory whose appeal lies in the silver fronts and also in the coloured seat cushions. Due to a handle at the back side it can easily be pulled.


Think about future

Nowadays you can find books and pens side by side with tablet pcs, smart phones and notebooks on the desk. At the age of six years, children already have their own mobile phone, MP3 player and/or notebook/tablet pc. That’s the reason why there are two slots for digital media on the desk. They are not only for storage but they also can be used as a charging station. Due to a cable channel a tangle of cables will be avoided.

As all PAIDI desk TABLO is also height-adjustable and tilted to 19°. The both side parts as well as a part of the table are fixed so a display screen or a tablet holder can be put on.


Please take a seat

Beside an adjustable desk an ergonomic chair is also needed. The matching chair TIO is available in twelve trendy colours or rather combination of colours: black/white, lime/orange, lime/white, lime/sun yellow, azure/orange, azure/white, orange/white, blackberry/white as well as blackberry, azure, lime and orange uni. The covers are removable and washable at 30 °C.

TIO can be adapted to the size of the child and can be used for years. The special function ‘toplift’ permits a continuous height adjustment and by means of a push-button-system the back rest can be adapted.

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