DOMOTEX 2015 – Trends in Flooring and Carpets

Izabela Ninic, Architect

February 15, 2015

Products & Materials

DOMOTEX FAIR 2015 held in Hannover, Germany, from 17th to 20th of January, presented the latest trends in the world of carpets and floor coverings that include elastic and textile floor coverings, parquet and laminate.


Modern hand-made carpets are always the main attraction at the fair. Art design, which creates a visually layered impression of carpets in which one layer is looming below the other, is very trendy. Nature lovers will recognize themselves in motifs of fields and meadows, while those who love the urban jungle can choose photorealistic and three-dimensional carpet designs.


Classic oriental carpets are becoming a hit. Traditional motifs are graphically processed to create new ones that ideally fit into modern interiors.


In the world of carpets ecology is a must. The world’s first carpet made 100% from recycled PET bottles and polyamide fibers from recycled carpets, ropes and fishing nets was presented. Antibacterial yarn and products with extreme wear resistance are also offered. A very attractive is the option of organically shaped carpets which can be connected by using bright colors to create different spatial composition.


Thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques, resilient floor coverings are in many cases barely distinguishable from natural materials that inspire them. Vinyl floor coverings are now available with surfaces that perfectly imitate the surface of natural wood and stone. Cork boards are offered with a surface made of thin sheets of natural slate that offer a modern look and feel of natural stone, but without the hardness and coldness. The trend in resilient flooring is simple installation. Another key trend is sustainability. Many coverings in the elastic segment can be recycled or are made from recycled materials.


In the parquet and laminate segment oak is a hit. It occurs in a variety of styles and finishes – from natural color to any other shade.


In contrast to the natural appearance of wood, digitally printed floor coverings are available in a wide range of designs and colors with high gloss effect.


New, organically curved parquet flooring is also offered, which looks very attractive in space and will contribute to a whole new world of parquet in space.


A good selection of flooring surface for any interior, and an ever-expanding range of possibilities, both in the creative, as well as ecological sense, without doubt, is commendable!


Photo: Domotex

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