Ernestomeda Press

February 10, 2015


Ernestomeda, leader in the high end designer kitchen market, has the pleasure of presenting the new SOUL kitchen concept and a new ICON layout. Both designs are the work of Giuseppe Bavuso, with whom Ernestomeda is continuing the successful association launched in recent years.


The concept of SOUL mixes contemporary design trends with features with a vintage flavour. This new fitted kitchen embraces modernity in terms of functions and research, but when it comes to style and the selection of materials it is happy to borrow from the past, in the sense of a strong identity and design solutions that are still useful today, since they respond to practical and stylistic needs that are very much still with us. One example of this is the large BAY sink monoblock – available in steel, quartz, ICONcrete, Corian® and the new Piasentina Stone, Brown Chocolate Stone and Santafiora Stone finishes – that recalls the troughs once found in the gardens of country villas.


The most distinctive feature of the new project is the MEDLEY system, which can be configured in a vast assortment of combinations and is designed to furnish not only kitchens but living spaces too. MEDLEY can be equipped with a shelf for glasses and a plate/glass/cutlery drainer, connected to the sink by a base with ducts and water collection bowls. The wine dispenser and the MEDLEY HOOD can also be integrated in the system. Lighting is by means of the LED backlighting of the bottom panels of the wall-mounted elements and LED lights in the island composition.


The IN LINE wall unit has all the simplicity of style the name suggests: the opening/closing system is totally concealed in the side panels, and it can also incorporate the IN LINE HOOD. The Soul programme also includes the wall-mounted ROOF and SKYLINE island hoods. The tables available are the CYCLOS swivel type, which transforms from a snacktop (closed position) into a dining table by rotating through 90° or 180°, and the fixed STEADYTABLE, which incorporates handy open storage compartments.


Soul also reflects recent research into ensuring a healthy kitchen environment, with the introduction of the TAG FILTER handles, which have an aeration filter – fitted on the inside – that allows air exchange inside the unit. Another distinctive feature of this handle is its installation flush with the outer face of the door, for seamless continuity of appearance.


On the research side, Ernestomeda has developed a new finishing technology, NANOCERAMIC NTE™, involving the use of nanotechnologies. It is a ground-breaking procedure that protects surfaces from many factors: damp,saline corrosion, thermal shocks, chemicals, hot and cold foods and liquids, household cleaning products, artificial light and ageing. The coating also has outstanding mechanical abrasion-resistance properties and guarantees antibacterial protection – thanks to Antibacterial – with an impressive anti-microbe efficacy which maintains excellent hygiene on the coated item over the years.


The new Icon compositions incorporate the programme’s key features: from the AIR door to the EVOLUTION peninsula and from the FLEX wall unit to the INDOOR cupboards, offered with new internal fittings. The main novelty is in the finishes: from the new finishings with nanoceramic treatment, to the introduction of Piasentina Stone.