Healthy offices

Izabela Ninic, Architect

February 4, 2015

Contract Furniture

Office in which we work should be properly organized and functional to provide for healthy work processes that will ensure smooth functioning of both body and mind.


It is necessary to ensure a sufficient amount of daylight and a number of sunny hours through proper orientation of the space, to position the windows and doors to allow for natural ventilation and also to place air conditioning equipment in the space.


If there are any noise sources located in the vicinity of the office, additional soundproofing of walls will be necessary. Good sound insulation of floors as well as softer floor coverings will prevent transmission of noise caused by shoes and allow for better concentration during the working process.


All coverings that collect dust and are difficult to maintain are unhealthy for the respiratory system and as such inadvisable for workspaces. Antistatic surfaces, like carpets with this kind of fibers, are easy to maintain and clean.


The layout of furniture elements, such as work tables and accompanying office cabinets and shelves must be correct in order to ensure a smooth and healthy working process.


The latest trends in interior design of office spaces are geared towards flexibility. The basic elements, which with various removable plug-ins become complex, allow different tasks to be performed. The possibility of customization and creating a micro working environment tailored to each individual, is very important to organize a “healthy office”.


Ergonomic furniture will enable proper posture throughout the workday. Desirable characteristics of a work chair are the adjustable seat height, adjustable tilt and anatomically shaped backrest and armrests, as well as a breathable fabric or other materials pleasant to touch and for seating. There are ergonomic chairs with a special integrated mechanism for controlling tension, which allows adjustment of resistance to user bodyweight during dynamic sitting.


Office will become a “healthy office” in the true sense of the word with the use of eco-friendly materials and products. The overall atmosphere will be completed by decorating the space with indoor plants and personal items.


Photo: Inkea

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