3D decorative wall coverings

Izabela Ninic, Architect

December 1, 2014

Products & Materials

Wall coverings have always been an integral part of interior design. Brick, stone, wood and wallpapers have been the most common materials for decorating walls.


New trends and developments in technology introduce new materials and new creative possibilities for decorating walls. Three-dimensional wall decorations have became a compulsory element of decorating the walls.


Unlike stone or brick, which create a peaceful grid, new technologies allow decorations of any shape, size or color.


New materials for making three-dimensional wall decorations are plaster and sugar cane remains, which are offered in different models and styles of design. They can be used in residential, public or commercial premises.


Three-dimensional panels are illustrated with various motifs using digital printing methods, and can be matte, glossy or metallic. A very modern effect of oxidation is applied on the panels, which depends on the type of application, the number of cycles applied, the quantity and the product of applications, and the air and wall temperature.


Panels are made in different sizes so it is possible to adapt them to existing walls. They are easily installed using special adhesives. Panels with motifs have numerical designations for easy installation.


Panels are made based on plaster and special additives, and at request can be used in spas and wellness centers.


By design and playing with form, color and light we can obtain incredible 3D surfaces.


These panels can be an inspiration, not only to architects and interior designers, but to all those who want a modern, stylish, elegant and exclusive 3D surface.


Photo: Dut interijeri

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