“The bar counter” – partition and decoration of the space

Izabela Ninic, Architect

November 18, 2014


In spaces that are organized as open spaces, bar counter is almost an unavoidable element of interior decorating. Recent trends changed its shape and purpose, but it is regularly kept as an attraction that stands out with materials, colors, dimensions and lighting effects.

The bar counter has a number of roles, which makes it extra attractive and tempting to install it.


Bar counter as a dining zone – if you have a need for a small space for short and quick meals, installing a bar, i.e. the counter, will be the perfect solution for you. Depending on the dimensions of the available space, you can install a straight, round or polygonal bar top. The recommendation is to play with the lighting effects, which will make it especially attractive in the evening.


Bar as an extension of the worktop – sometimes the bar is used as a partitioning element, but to make the most use of it, it is often designed as an extension of the kitchen top and so it enhances the functionality of the kitchen. This design is integrated into the corpus of the kitchen, but if it is minimalist and transparent it will also fit in the living room or dining room, (if they are tied with kitchen).


Bar as a cooking surface – if you wish to separate the cooking surface from the rest of the kitchen, place it on a separate island or a bar counter.


Bar as a sink holder – in the same way you can separate your kitchen sink from the rest of the kitchen. In this case, make sure that the bar or island is of ample dimension to avoid splattering on the floor or surrounding components while washing the dishes.


Bar as an extension of the kitchen and a partition between functional areas – the bar may have a dual role in space, as a part of the kitchen, but at the same time for partitioning the space. This bar is usually massive in size and therefore it is necessary to use a minimalist design, which makes it visually lighter in space.


Place a bar counter in the interior of your home. This way you will get a functionally justified decorative element!


Photo: Scavolini

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