Energy-saving appliances

Izabela Ninic, Architect

November 16, 2014

Eco Design

Household appliances have a very important role in equipping the home since they spend about 20% of the total energy needed to maintain a household.


Household appliances must have an energy class label, which speaks of their energy efficiency, A +, A, B and C. Classes B and C achieve significantly lower savings.

Select a dishwasher by checking the functionality of the hydraulic system, which new technologies allow for multiple use of water by filtration, faster warm-up and a focused water jet.


Combined refrigerator (cooling / freezing) consumes more electricity than a refrigerator without a freezer. If combined, buy a model with an automatic defroster. Never place the refrigerator near the stove or heating elements, and keep a distance of at least 5 cm from the wall to allow for unhindered circulation of cold air around the condenser. The ideal temperature for a refrigerator is 5 °C and freezer – 18 ° C (any lowering of temperature is an additional energy cost). It needs to be defrosted twice a year because a 5 mm layer of ice increases the power consumption about 30%.


When buying a washing machine pay attention to details that speak of the cost per wash load, energy efficiency, spin speed, the spin efficiency, and water and electricity consumption. When washing, use water saving programs, which will reduce the consumption by 20-40 liters.


Cooktop, oven and hood, are significant consumers of energy. Induction cooktops use less energy to heat the food then the ceramic or gas ones. The heat is produced only in the bottom of the pot, and when the pot is removed power automatically drops down to the lowest level and thus consumes minimal electricity. When speaking of ovens, their design and insulation are very important. Kitchen hoods need to have a good intake capacity for a given energy class and low noise levels.


Thinking about energy efficiency is one of the most important issues of modern times, so become a part of a global trend – choose energy saving appliances for your home!


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