Composit Italian Style in Kitchen

Composit Press

November 12, 2014


Composit is a company that continuosly pursues two important goals: developement of quality by following the needs and changes of society and people’s life style; guarantee reliability and security of materials, we work in collaboration with famous designers that, working together with our reasearch and development centre, offers the most important innovations in contemporary design, with a product custom-made. Composit philosophy is orientated to the realization of kitchens that endure year after year; our kitchens are known as “kitchens of life” because each of them comes from a sought aesthetic and functional interpretation of varied life-style, with a design that goes beyond the fashion.



design Roberto Lazzeroni

Composit adds a new chapter to its long history, Noisette: a solid kitchen with meticulous care of details and finishes, made up of new elements, distinguished by light design and practical forms. No futuristic settings or dull modernism but a comfortable and nice kitchen, where living and working is a pleasure. A kitchen that enters rightfully the present research of luxury inside our homes. A project which we can describe as contemporary classicism. Noisette is a kitchen designed with varying heights, that let you obtain 208 cm high very slender horizontal compositions, or compositions that develop up to 268, emphasizing the framed doors and making it impressive.


Geometric units, maximum simplicity, surfaces that enhance materials and finishes. A project that reduces each element to its essential form.

Multitemperature wine coolers, expressly projected for conservation. The constant control of a correct level of humidity grants a perfect conservation of your most precious wines.


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