Play around with the contrasts

Izabela Ninic, Architect

November 10, 2014

Products & Materials

Contrasts bring dynamics and highlight the desired parts of a space. They can be used in different rooms – in children’s rooms, to make them more dynamic and stimulating, in living rooms – for a better atmosphere, bathrooms – to highlight certain elements or parts of the space, etc.


photo: W. Schillig

Contrasting relationships in the kitchen can be easily achieved with colors, materials and open—closed relationships, i.e., cabinets with doors and open shelving.


photo: Lando

A game of contrasts in the dining room is simple to achieve with contrast of table and chairs. Contrast can be expressed through color, material or shape. The effect will be further enhanced by the decoration of the table.


photo: Poltrona Frau

The living room offers a variety of options for creating contrasting relationships. Besides the classic ones, dominated by contrasting colors of floor, walls and furniture, there are those who are characterized by contrasting finishes and can create very interesting effects in space. One of them is to put a fine leather or fabric sofa on a rough country looking solid wood flooring. The contrast of fine and rough finishes is ideal for those who want to play with combinations of styles.


photo: Natural Plus

Apart from the furniture, contrasting relationships can also be achieved with decorating the space.

The design of a particular piece of furniture can be contrasting through colors, materials, processing methods or static principles in the shaping of the element.


photo: Tomasella Zanette

Wall coverings are perfect for the game of contrasts.


photo: W. Schillig

Certain types of contrasts, like those of light, in which light and shadow emphasize or deny certain spatial elements come to the fore in the evening.


photo: Antonio Lupi

Options in creating contrasting relationships are limitless. Excite your imagination and step boldly into the world of contrasts…


Main photo:  Aran

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