Brasserie FR\AME: a Gastronomic Road Trip in Paris

In the heart of Paris, a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower, Californian brasserie FR\AME takes you on a trip to the American West Coast.

For the décor, interior designer, architect & scenarist Christophe Pillet has created a lively and modern setting, as unique as it is timeless.

In the kitchen, Chef Andrew Wigger has used his culinary expertise & savoir-faire to create innovative Californian dishes influenced by subtle French flavors.

Brasserie FR\AME: a Gastronomic Road Trip in Paris, Meal with a View of Eiffel Tower,

Californian Brasserie FR\AME

FR\AME was conceived to be an animated space that encourages gatherings with friends and family. Being an open space that merges with its exterior due to its glass walls, this Californian-styled restaurant symbolizes freedom as it brings a new dimension to the traditional Parisian brasserie.

With its open kitchen, private room, bar, vinoteca, and stunning terrace, FR\AME prides itself on its creativity and invites you to enjoy the wholly unique experience being offered here. Namely, the Californian experience à la française.

Throughout the day, from breakfast to dinner, from tea-time to cocktails, FR\AME offers an inventive and extensive menu. Beyond a simple restaurant, FR\AME is a laidback Franco-Californian brasserie, a space of freedom, embodying a West Coast attitude in a Parisian setting.

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brasserie frame paris,californian restaurants in paris france,restaurant design idea,red bar stools in restaurant design,

A Unique Space Created by Christophe Pillet

“When one designs a restaurant, we must think of the story we want to tell to those who will visit it. The work of a designer is that of being a
narrator, of telling a story to someone, and for this one to be understandable, it must be simple.” Christophe Pillet – Interior Architect & Designer

Christophe Pillet is one of the rare French designers to enjoy international recognition due to the quality and variety of his creations. Architecture, furniture, product design, and artistic direction are only some of the fields explored by him while his name continues to be associated with important brands and projects of great scale.

For FR\AME, Christophe Pillet imagined a space that opens onto Paris, where modernity and comfort come together with quintessentially Parisian elegance and simplicity.

For this Californian brasserie, the designer focused on a mineral décor inspired by nature. The predominant warm grey tones of the décor are contrasted with colorful pieces that bring it to life. Wood, and marble combined with patina and bronze add an enriching touch to this environment.

brasserie frame paris,californian restaurants in paris france,restaurant design idea,kitchen in a restaurant,

brasserie frame paris,californian restaurants in paris france,restaurant design idea,

The Savoir-Faire of an American Chef That Came to Paris for Californian Brasserie FR\AME

“French cuisine techniques are central to the Californian one, the only thing that changes is the ingredients used to create the dishes. Even as a child, I used to put beans in cans and make my own strawberry jam.” Andrew Wigger – Chef Andrew grew up in Northwest Missouri in the midst of a family of local farmers. This led Andrew to develop a deep respect for the Earth’s produce from a young age.

His career as a chef started as an apprentice at the Phillips Hotel in Kansas City and kept developing as he worked alongside renowned chefs such as Lidia Bastianich, Michael Smith, and Kevin Dundon at Raglan Road.

In 2009, following his dream of learning the secrets of French cuisine, Andrew moved to California to work alongside Pascal Olhats at The Brasserie in Newport Beach. Here, he mastered the principles of Californian cuisine, including how to work with French and local ingredients, while working as Sous-chef at the Zimzala, in the Shorebreak Hotel on Huntington Beach.

These rich and notable experiences have led Andrew to the next big step in his career: to run his own kitchen as the Head Chef of FR\AME in Paris.

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modern restaurant design ideas,brasserie in paris,gray chairs in restaurant design,


FR\AME’s exciting and innovative plates are prepared by the talented young chef in front of the client’s eyes in a stunning open kitchen. This interactive space leads to the awakening of clients’ senses who can not only see but also smell the captivating scents emerging from the plates being created. Sweet and salty, the use of spices and a strong Mexican influence characterize the menu.

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At the Bar – Cocktails and Wines

The FR\AME experience is further enhanced by its out-of-the-ordinary cocktails and selection of French and International wines.

FR\AME’s signature cocktails combine bold flavors with authentic ingredients inspired by Californian culture and valleys. Fresh fruits, wine, fresh hand-picked ingredients, Grand Marnier, and Pastis are central ingredients to these creations.

Choose from the fifteen wines selected by Olivier Poussier, one of the world’s top sommeliers. FR\AME’s Vinoteca, an elegant distributor machine, proposes a completely refined selection of red, white, and rosé wines and Champagne by the glass. To pour a glass of selected wine, clients insert a rechargeable magnetic card into the Vinoteca, indicate the quantity they desire from three options (5 cl, 12,5 cl et 17,5 cl), and the glass gets filled!

This ingenious system allows you to indulge and enjoy a glass of wine, without having to buy an entire bottle.

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28 Jean Rey
75015 Paris




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