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Sofa Design Ideas – Scenery for Socializing and Relaxation

Discover how to design a living room for relaxing or socializing with your family and friends – with the help of sofas and other pieces of seating furniture. 


The living room is the most representative room in the home and the seating area is its central part, in both functional and aesthetic contexts. The story of this “interior for socializing and relaxation”, takes us into the history of design.

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From Parlor to Living Room – the History of Design

Since the time of Rococo (18th century), the center of the social life of the French aristocracy was a sophisticated parlor. There was a trend of grouping furniture into a seating area – chairs and stools were placed away from the wall and were joined into a seating area. Soon they were joined by sofas. New trends were accepted by many countries and have created an interior more suitable for socializing. In the early 19th century, the Viennese bourgeoisie found itself at the center of the Biedermeier, the style that emphasized the importance of parlor furniture, because of its role in the socializing of members of the middle class.

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Modern-day parlors have been renamed into living rooms, and modern materials and innovative ideas have created different furniture designs, as compared to historic furniture, but the basic function of the former parlor – socializing – was transferred into today’s living room.


Sofa Sets = the Center of the Living Room

Whenever you’re looking for the ideal scenery for socializing and relaxation, the solution comes in the form of one of the following sofa sets. If you want to relax after a long day at work, set the scene in the following way – complete the living room, dominated by a comfortable sofa set (for example, two-seater, three-seater, or corner suite), with dim lighting and your favorite music. Add enchanting scents of lavender and sandalwood. If relaxing in the company of books, it is recommended that you put a floor lamp behind the sofa, whose light source will be focused directly on the book.

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When socializing with guests and family, arrange the furniture in such a way as to form a “zone” for communication, which consists of several parts of a sofa set (for example, two-seater, three-seater, and two armchairs) arranged opposite one another. Complementary accessories of this functional scheme are – an attractive coffee table, illuminated by directional lighting from a hanging lamp or floor lamp. Of course, there are also the inevitable food & beverage that make every conversation merrier.

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When talking about colors that enhance communication, we should emphasize blue – in all its nuances. Green will relax, purple will encourage creativity, pink will cheer you up, orange will revitalize, red or yellow will create a dynamic interior, and neutrals will create a cozy atmosphere and space that is ideal for accenting decorative details.



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