Bathroom & Spa

Make Your Bathroom Elegant and Classy with the Exceptional Vanity Tops

The bathroom vanity consists of a basin and a countertop along with a storage unit. It is a part of the bathroom cabinetry and thus serves to be the centerpiece of the space. Their design is such that it can hold the basin or sink and at the same time conceal the plumbing system as […]

Products & Materials

Sissi Mirror – Recalling the Personality of the “Empress”

“Sissi of Austria and Hungary” is a central figure of history and the European imaginary. As such, BESSA Design has created a mirror design that honors her life and elegance. Sissi mirror is finished in gold leaf and boasts asymmetric artistry, recalling the known and stylish personality of the “Empress”. The gilded crafts recall the […]