Products & Materials

Wall Coverings and Floors Unite Indoor and Outdoor

Discover wall coverings and floors inspired by Nature that help a creative designer create a visual continuum from indoor to outdoor spaces.   Architecture is becoming increasingly more fluid, with communicating indoor and outdoor spaces to experience and cherish the nature around us, indoors as well as outdoors. Lithos Design’s book of wall coverings and […]

Bathroom & Spa

Bathroom Design Inspiration – Marvelous Marble

Have a look at these luxury marble bathroom ideas, inspired by Koi carp, the ancient city of Petra, metropolitan chic, and the symphony of design.   Maison Valentina believes that there is something very luxurious about the combination of marble in bathroom design. This bathroom furniture brand is inspired by this noble material that can […]

Living & Dining Room

Dining Room – How to Select a Table

In addition to being in harmony with the living room, dining room itself should be functional and beautiful. This is why the selection of the dining room table is very important. Functionality is the first requirement in the selection. It is related to the required number of seats and the convenience of maintenance. A common […]