DOT Outdoor Luminaire Creates the Scenic Lighting Effect

DOT: the immediacy and simplicity of the punctuation symbol become a design concept for Platek’s new outdoor solution. A LED lighting project designed by Jan Van Lierde. The light fixture creates a scenic lighting effect, for instance, accentuating blooming flowers, foliage, or a natural detail in the garden.   Lighting up an outdoor space means […]

Products & Materials

Lighting Designer’s Ideas – How to Light the Rooms of Your Home

Discover more about interior lighting and creating lighting scenes for the rooms of your home in’s interview with Denis Biškup, Lighting Expert.   Photographer – Jens Ellensohn   Lighting is an essential element of your home’s interior design – creating a functional, beautiful, and cozy indoor space. Both natural and artificial light enable and […]

Eco Design

Light Emitting Diodes – LED Lighting Design Ideas

What are Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs? LED lights have been around for about 50 years, but only in the last decade have they evolved into the technological powerhouses they are now. By using about 85% less electricity than previous styles like incandescent lights, halogens, fluorescent lamps, and CFL lights, LEDs are truly making great […]


Italamp Lights DayDream at Sleep – The Hotel Design Event

Sleep is Europe’s hotel design event taking place in London on 21st-22th November 2017, at The Business Centre, Islington. The file rouge of this year’s edition is “Loyalty: Lessons in Love”: hotel not as just a place to sleep, but a real experience. Brilliant hotel design creates enduring memories and guest loyalty. This idea inspired […]

Living & Dining Room

Lighting Design – How to Light Your Home

The main living space in your home can be known by several different names – the living room, lounge, or sitting room – but whatever you call it, this room has one main function, to be a comfortable space where the whole family can relax. The main living space has many uses, including reading, watching […]

Bathroom & Spa

Bolla Lighting Project – Matter, Shape, Light

Design Domenico De Palo After the success and the appreciation obtained, Project  Bolla renews and expands its collection with two new forms applicable to the system: the hexagon and the rectangle. Bolla was created in order to pick the emotion enclosed in the sign. Bolla represents the rediscovering of an original material essence, with its […]