LightHouse View Design Project in Cascais, Portugal

House with a refreshing sea view; the eclectic charm of contemporary design pieces stylishly combined with heirlooms or collectibles; whites and other neutral tones paint the main color base – discover this sophisticated interior design project by studio Joana Aranha.   In this lovely house, the lighthouse belongs to a real picture, with its square […]

Bathroom & Spa

Art for the Bathroom: Crochet Washbasin

Not so long ago, needlecraft was a skill that many women were expected to be proficient in. Knitting, crochet, sewing, and embroidery were common activities that allowed us to create any number of practical and decorative accessories for our homes. However, as mass manufacturing took hold, transforming the textile industry, very quickly, needlecraft became somewhat […]

Products & Materials

Sissi Mirror – Recalling the Personality of the “Empress”

“Sissi of Austria and Hungary” is a central figure of history and the European imaginary. As such, BESSA Design has created a mirror design that honors her life and elegance. Sissi mirror is finished in gold leaf and boasts asymmetric artistry, recalling the known and stylish personality of the “Empress”. The gilded crafts recall the […]