Vodniy Apartment

This apartment was designed to create a contemporary and comfortable family weekend residence in harmony with Nature. Previously used as offices, it was entirely redesigned to create an oasis of calm amidst the great metropolis. The studio completely reworked the floorplan and raised the ceilings to expose the original metal girders and maximize natural light. […]

Holiday Decor

Luxury Design Trends for the Christmas Season

Christmas is the best opportunity to gather your family and spend some quality time around the fireplace, enjoying a special dinner and sharing meaningful presents with your loved ones. In the Christmas season, BRABBU selected warm luxury news, specially prepared for you. VELLUM | WALL LIGHT After the presentation of the VELLUM Suspension Light and […]

Products & Materials

How to Choose a Fireplace

In this architect’s tips article, discover how to choose a fireplace for your home and combine the fireplace with furniture for a functional and stylish interior.  The position of a fireplace is usually determined by the position of the chimney so it is very important to choose the type of firebox and the fireplace design […]

Produkte & Materialien


Durch die Auswahl der Art von Kaminen, geben Sie den Raum Charakter, in dem er sich befindet. Berühmte Spruch sagt, ein Kamin macht das Haus zu einen Heim. Tatsäclich, fast kein Element bei der Einrichtung des Raumes, kann ein Gefühl der Zuriedenheit schaffen, wie den, wenn Sie am Kamin sitzen. In diese artikel, finden Sie […]