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Colorful Tableware Designs Inspired by Fruits and Vegetables

Enrich your dining table setting with the vibrant color combinations and charming forms of fruit and vegetable-themed tableware. Have a look at these plates, platters, and bowls – shaped and colored to look like watermelon, melon, pineapple, artichoke, and cabbage. Discover a few of the interior designer’s tips on combining these tableware pieces with other […]


Creative Product Design Ideas – the Flavor Boosting Plates

NEFF launches an exclusive plate collection inspired by the science of gastrophysics. Home appliance manufacturer NEFF, renowned for its passion for cooking and intuitive kitchen appliances, has partnered with UK-based ceramicist Reiko Kaneko to create a unique set of plates that intensify the flavor perception of food.  How Crockery Can Intensify the Flavor Perception of […]