5 Eco-Friendly Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Discover eco-friendly decorative accessories for the garden, terrace, and balcony. These outdoor cushions, blankets, throws, rugs, flower pots – are made from recycled materials. Let’s decorate our homes ecologically.    Outdoor Cushions and Blankets Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles Blue and white is a relaxing color combination that’s welcome in indoor and outdoor decor. Design […]

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Wink – Designer Indoor Plant Pots

Discover Wink, the collection of designer interior plant pots, designed by Studio 28 and manufactured by Ronda Design.   Gardening Meets Interior Decor Plants and flowers add a natural touch to the home, making it look fresh, pleasant, and welcoming. The choice of appropriate designer plant pots enhances the scenic effect of the ambiance. Wink […]