Products & Materials

Designer Lamps – “cacio&pepe” and Balad Bamboo

Discover creative lamp designs – “cacio&pepe” inspired by the concept of popular culture, and Balad Bamboo, a versatile lighting piece with an eco-friendly bamboo handle.   Colorful Lamps “cacio&pepe” from the “be.pop” Designer Lamp Collection The “be.pop” designer lamp collection by Italian brand In-es.artdesign is inspired by the concept of popular culture, borrowed from pop […]


“Light is Time” creates a unique experience of light design

The amazing light design featured in “Light is Time” is the result of the collaboration between the Japanese watchmaker Citizen and the Parisian architect Tsuyoshi Tane of DGT. This art installation is made from 80,000 “base-plates”, the structural device that supports all of a watch’s components. It gets its inspiration on the very simplest of […]

Bathroom & Spa

Details in the Bathroom

The bathroom is a space that is increasingly being used for relaxation, and therefore the creation of atmosphere is very important. We will achieve it by choosing high-quality details. By selecting elegant radiators, which look like towel rails, we can achieve the atmosphere similar to the one in the living room rather than in the […]

Living & Dining Room

Pastel Colors in Modern Dining Rooms by DelightFULL

Springtime is just around the corner and top design trends are now starting to add that special bright and pastel touch that we all love. It is the best time to bring joy and happiness to your spaces. You will need to start looking for ideas and inspirations for the dining room designs. Known as […]

Holiday Decor

Luxury Design Trends for the Christmas Season

Christmas is the best opportunity to gather your family and spend some quality time around the fireplace, enjoying a special dinner and sharing meaningful presents with your loved ones. In the Christmas season, BRABBU selected warm luxury news, specially prepared for you. VELLUM | WALL LIGHT After the presentation of the VELLUM Suspension Light and […]