Products & Materials

STREETWISE, Travel Mug Collection Inspired by Street Art and Fashion Trends

A new generation of travel mug to take with you during the commuting. If the city is a jungle, it must be handled with style and personality: the Streetwise collection is an ode to youth culture, to the vibrant colors and bold patterns of street-style and to vintage-flavored video games. Streetwise refers to the urban […]

Bathroom & Spa

Ceramic Is at the Heart of Milano and Narciso, Two Bathroom Collections from Cielo

Cielo is a leading company that draws on dedicated stylistic exploration and an innovative approach to selecting materials and forms to create exclusive design collections for contemporary bathrooms that have dramatically shifted how ceramic bathroom fixtures are conceived. It is introducing Milano and Narciso, two bathroom furnishing collections, designed by Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano, […]