Heroes Tour 2016 – A Traveling Exhibition by Doug Meyer

New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago At NIBA Home Miami, May 10-31, 2016   An Homage to the Creative Icons Building on the impressive response to Meyer’s original 19 portraits in the DIFFA Heroes Portrait Gallery created in 2015, the Heroes Tour 2016 has grown to include 50 portraits – an homage to the creative icons who were some of the first victims […]

Living & Dining Room

Design Inspirations – Artwork For Your Modern Living Room

Boca do Lobo brings you some design inspirations for your modern living room through artwork, by exploring a variety of ways to make home artwork serve as more than just a focal point, but as a unifying feature within an interior design.  Rather than adding art as an afterthought, even a single favored piece can easily […]