Interior Design Inspiration – Ocean Reef Sunset House

In the world of architecture and interior design, ideas are uncovered by finding new and fresh combinations. This classical “Anglo Caribbean” home combines the formal splendor of “Anglo” with the relaxed, colorful, rich, and tropical “Caribbean”. It is the culmination of that rare and wonderful opportunity to design a home from start to finish, from […]

Living & Dining Room

Salone del Mobile.Milano – Trends in Living Rooms

The living room is certainly one of the most attractive areas in every home. Relaxing, working, and socializing are just some of the many activities we practice in it. Therefore, it is very important that the living room is functional and attractive, which the newest trends from the Salone del Mobile furniture fair suggest. Colors […]


“Light is Time” creates a unique experience of light design

The amazing light design featured in “Light is Time” is the result of the collaboration between the Japanese watchmaker Citizen and the Parisian architect Tsuyoshi Tane of DGT. This art installation is made from 80,000 “base-plates”, the structural device that supports all of a watch’s components. It gets its inspiration on the very simplest of […]


Garden Vesenaz – Nature and Architecture

This beautiful garden, designed by Christian Préaud, is situated next to the villa on the Swiss shores of the Lake Leman. The villa was designed by Boris Buchet. It is a fusion of modern architecture and the simplicity and beauty of the environment. It is composed of four connected terraced areas, divided by stone walls. […]