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The Yard – a classy Milanese concept house with an international flavor, located close to Duomo, Navigli, and the Design District – inaugurates a brand new area completely and skilfully interpreted by Inkiostro Bianco. Inkiostro Bianco specializes in the production of artistic and customizable wallpapers, created using the most advanced and sophisticated digital technologies.

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The bar is located inside the new reception area on the ground floor.

Themed Suites and Apartments, Inspired by the World of Sport

The Yard offers a selection of themed suites and apartments, all strictly inspired by the world of sport. The existing floor, comprising 14 rooms – including suites and apartments – and inaugurated exactly two years ago, has now been extended to include a new 800 m2 floor. Here, effortless luxury elegance and attention to detail have been skilfully combined thanks to the creative flair of professionals from the emerging brand Inkiostro Bianco, who have generated an evocative, cozy, and absolutely unforgettable atmosphere.

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Evocative interpretations and furniture in the common areas: a corner of the hotel lobby is characterized by Inkiostro Bianco’s “Tejido” wallpaper.


“Choosing Inkiostro Bianco to paper our rooms was a natural gesture; the originality of their products intrigued us right away and the breath of fresh air and originality that the company was able to give each environment is plain for all to see”, said the Cesario family, owner of the hotel.

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To present the world of boxing, Inkiostro Bianco used the wallpaper Royal in light tones of grey and white.


The new reception, positioned from scratch within the area where the inauguration was held, is a multi-purpose space in which visitors are easily and immediately made to feel at home. It is the central hub of the entire concept house, designed to flexibly adapt to the different needs of guests and to transform into the ideal venue for brunches, aperitifs, and business meetings. The outfit that Inkiostro Bianco wished to creatively bestow on this space: the “Doping Club”- as this space is symbolically called – appears, in fact, like the window display of an early 1900s pharmacy.

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The library features a quaint wall covered in wallpaper from the “American Wood”  collection,  recalling the ambiance of an old-style reading room.


Unique and Different Room Designs 

Each room is unique and different from all the others; that’s because each room is specifically inspired by a sport and each sport has one, and only one, room of reference. All the features from the wallpaper by Inkiostro Bianco, to the furniture by Busnelli Fu Aimo, the curtains, and upholstery by Progetto Ombra Milano, and the lighting carefully studied by Disano Illuminazione – play a specific role in the creation of particular and immediately recognizable spaces.

These characteristics give the hotel its unique personality, which is expressed with authentic originality within the individual rooms. From motorcycling, boxing, hockey, fencing, and basketball to American football, bowling, canoeing, athletics, and cricket: each room evokes its own sensations in complete creative freedom from the others, and, using purpose-designed graphics, Inkiostro Bianco has created atmospheres and styles that are always new.

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The walls of the area called the “Doping Club” recall an early 1900s pharmacy, thanks to a graphic purpose-made for this space.


Several striking common areas can be used by all guests to their liking and enrich and complete the space: from the Doping Club to the Library – containing a wall covered with the motif of an old dresser, whose door appears to be the door of an old wardrobe – passing through the Cinema Hall decorated with a wall portraying the stalls of an abandoned cinema.

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Typical American colors characterize the wallpaper created for the room dedicated to basketball; featuring curtains and upholstery by Progetto Ombra Milano.


Create an Imaginary World with Wallpapers 

The wallpaper in the garage, with a large graphic containing the word “gasoline” in large letters, and the covering of an otherwise unsightly cabinet, complete the work carried out by Inkiostro Bianco for The Yard. All the interventions were studied in minute detail in accordance with the creative flair of professionals, who wished to create an imaginary world where the hotel guests could enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.



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