Ellen Pompeo Project by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Have a closer look at the charming house of the famous actress Ellen Pompeo, stylishly designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard.


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Front of House Design

The front terrace of the house looks over the hills of Hollywood. The stone vase is of vast scale and is Italian, late 18th century.

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Kitchen Design

The pared-back kitchen was designed for Ellen to cook her favorite Italian-style food in. The floor is covered in reclaimed antique French terracotta tile while the cabinets and Viking cooker are all stainless steel. The Viking fridge is balanced by a spectacular Salgado photograph of an Indian train station. This photo is said to have inspired the final scene of the movie Slum Dog Millionaire.

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Dining Room Design

The “Bugatti” style mirror was originally designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard for Cher but found the perfect home in this room. The antique Italian farm table provides a rustic feeling, while the three hanging fixtures from Caravane Chambre 19 in Paris add a Moroccan flavor. The candlestick is 18th-century Turkish and was found in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.

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Family Room Design

This room was designed for sheer comfort with a deep, low linen-covered sectional that Martyn Lawrence Bullard had custom-made for this interior design project. The Ikat pillows are by Rifat Ozbek and the screen is covered in Marrakesh linen in Baltic color from Martyn Lawrence Bullard Fabric. The floor is covered in seagrass from ABC Carpet & Home, New York. 

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Master Bedroom Design

The wall behind the bed is hung with an early 20th-century Egyptian tapestry that creates an exotic flavor. The bedding is by Calvin Klein, while the antique Moroccan embroidered pillows are from Pat McGann in Los Angeles. The grey lacquer side tables are vintage Edward Wormley and the lamps are from the 1940s. The rug is vintage Afghani from Amadi Carpets.

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Master Bathroom Design

A bathtub from Waterworks sits on antique French terracotta tile. The ladder is 19th-century Chinese and is to hold towels. The teak étagère is also from Waterworks while the zinc “garden stool” is used as a side table and came from American Rag et Cie, Los Angeles.

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Garden Patio Design

The outdoor porch is screened off for shade while using Sunbrella white outdoor fabric curtains. The tray table is circa the 1950s from Hollywood at Home. The pillows are covered in Marrakesh fabric, Baltic color, from Martyn Lawrence Bullard Fabric.

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Living Room Design

In the living room, the ceiling height is accentuated by using a custom Mousharabi screen mirror made for this interior design project. The wall lights are Spanish from the 1920s while the Edwardian club chairs were upholstered in nubby linen from Schumacher. The side table is ancient wood from ABC Home, New York.

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Above the living room fireplace, sit four Fatima mirrors by Martyn Lawrence Bullard. A photograph by Nick Brandt rests next to the fireplace, while an 18th-century Italian ebony chair sits on the other side. The tray table from Caravane Chambre 19 in Paris is glamorized by a rare white Picasso ceramic candelabra. The rug is Afghani.

The 22-foot ceilings of the living room allowed the designer to keep the furnishings simple, as the room has all the drama. The floor is covered in a 1930s Afghan wool dhurrie rug while the windows have off-white Rogers & Goffigan linen drapery. The Moroccan style sofa was designed especially for the room. The silver tray tables are from Caravane Chambre 19 in Paris, while the 1950s Osvaldo Borsani lacquered goatskin table came from a vintage store, Fat Chance, in Los Angeles.

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The stairwell that ascends to the bedroom floor is located at one end of the great room. The rug is vintage Afghanistan wool dhurrie and the chairs are French from the 1940s. The Chinese artist’s table is from the 19th century and displays beautiful photographs by Sebastiao Salgado. The Moroccan screen dates from the 19th century. The pillows are covered in C&C Milano fabric.

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Garden Design

To add an exotic touch to the pool, a Jaipur sofa in teak from the Martyn Lawrence Bullard Home collection was placed at the end of the pool. The pillows are covered in Perennials outdoor fabrics. Cypress trees provide privacy and shade in the hot summer.

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Rear Garden Design

The back view of Ellen’s house shows the Spanish Revival architecture and the original gunite wall treatment dating from 1923.


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