The Modern Kitchen: Healthy Eating Has Many Facets

Mannheim. Modern kitchen offers a range of innovations in terms of furniture and arrangements designed to promote the health of users. Height-adjustable worktops and sinks make ergonomic methods of working easier, as do optimized access to storage spaces and the dishwasher.

Ergonomically coordinated spacial utilization zones make handling foods easier for the chef and excellent working lights brighten even the darkest of corners. But the most important function of a kitchen is, and will always be, the preparation of meals. For this reason, the makers of kitchen electronics have developed a wide range of innovations that make healthy eating a priority.

food in the fridge,modern kitchen design ideas

Photograph: The modern fridge has different temperature zones. This enables optimum storage of various types of food. (Photograph: AMK)

Modern Kitchen Fridge

After purchasing, most foods will initially be stored in the fridge. The modern fridge is, of course, an energy-saving device and offers a variety of different temperature zones designed to accommodate various foodstuffs. Fresh fruit and vegetables require a different storage temperature than other foods. “The emphasis is less on the duration of storage and more on maintaining the quality and the healthy components of the food”, says Frank Hüther, business manager of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Die Moderne Küche e.V. (AMK), Mannheim, Germany.

Steam Cookers

The trend is steam cookers for the actual preparation of meals. These devices are sometimes also integrated into ovens and cook food with the help of hot steam only. Meals are cooked faster and vitamins are maintained. Crunchy vegetables are popular thanks to the freshness factor and the, generally, more intensive color is ideal. After all, food should look good too! “Crunchy vegetables are also well tolerated by the majority of people. Something that has only recently been discovered and which has finally freed us from overcooked vegetables“, adds Hüther enthusiastically.

When steam cooking, you can almost see the meal coming together. The senses are awakened and the cooking process becomes inspirational.

baking bread in the oven,kitchen appliances trends,

Photograph: Sufficient humidity prevents foods from drying out in a modern oven and makes baking bread child’s play. (Photograph: AMK)

Induction Hobs

The current trend includes induction hobs which are installed flush with surfaces. These hobs respond faster than an ordinary hob, heating not just the bottom of the pan, but the side walls as well. The food is cooked faster, energy is saved and vitamin content is upheld. Full-surface induction hobs are in trend and will, in the future, become a standard feature in the modern kitchen. Combined with a modern, extremely high suction yet quiet extraction hood, the result is far fewer annoying odors than in the past.

cooking vegetables in the oven,trends in kitchen appliances

Photograph: See how a meal is created: The modern steam cooker inspires and maintains vitamins and minerals. (Photograph: AMK)

Tap Fittings

Even the new generation of tap fittings offers a range of features to promote health. For example, the handheld showering head units with infinitely adjustable water jets provide optimum aids for short, yet intensive washing of salads and vegetables. This means that leeks and company are no longer “washed out”, just briefly and thoroughly cleaned. In addition, fittings today may also offer filtered and, thus, cleaned water or boiling water at the touch of a button. This makes the troublesome waiting for tea water a thing of the past and the likelihood of more frequent use contributes towards the well-being of the user.

The Preparation of Meals in the Modern Kitchen

The preparation of meals has experienced many different phases over time. Bread, rice, pasta, and potatoes have different cultural positions depending on where you are in the world. The associated preparation methods are as different as the spices that lend them their special character. Cumin here, lemongrass there, salt almost everywhere. Meals and their preparation methods have increasingly been examined and analyzed using biochemical procedures.

The new nutrition knowledge is now independent of eating habits and culture. Instead, it shows us what healthy eating is and how vitamins and minerals in food can be maintained despite the cooking process. Not too long ago, white cabbage was cooked almost until it fell apart and the entire house would take on the smell. This is now unthinkable since the rich vitamin content is desired. (AMK)

preparing tea with hot water from the tap,cooking trends,

Photograph: Progressive fittings make it possible: Hot water for tea making and hot water bottles without a wait. (Photograph: AMK)



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