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What Interior Professional to Hire for Your Project – Best Guide

Architect, interior designer, decorator, stylist – who is who and who does what in interior creation? Which of these interior professionals to hire for your residential or commercial project? and ZADIN (Zajednica dizajnera interijera – The Community of Interior Designers) bring the best guide through these creative professions.

Why and When Do You Need an Architect?

What Interior Professional to Hire for Your Project - Best Guide,

An architect is an expert in the art and science of space creation, building design, and interior design, and plays a key role in their construction. Regardless of whether it is about the design of a family house, residential building, social or public buildings such as kindergartens, schools, or sports, commercial, religious, etc. buildings, remodeling, adaptations, minor construction interventions or additions, as well as the interior design itself, already at the very beginning, it is wise to hire an architect who will add value to your project and ensure the best return on your investment.

Hire an Architect

Architect, Interior Designer, Decorator, Stylist - What Interior Professional to Hire for Your Project,

Some of the situations when it is good to consider hiring an architect:

When planning the construction of a new house, building, or other facility, an architect will help you develop initial concepts, create detailed plans, and ensure that your vision is realized.

If planning to renovate or upgrade an existing building, an architect can help identify the best approaches, draw up plans, and ensure that the changes are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Hiring an architect for business or residential projects that require space planning and layout within the building – helps optimize the space and create a positive environment.

An architect can help or take over the preparation and submission of all the necessary documents and drawings for obtaining a building permit.

If you want to implement sustainable elements in your project, an architect can provide advice on best practices to reduce environmental impact and optimize energy efficiency.

It is important to note that architects collaborate with other specialists such as engineers, builders, interior designers, stylists, decorators, and landscape architects, depending on what is contracted by the project. Also, some architects specialize in interior design, for instance.

In addition to the conceptual and executive design, and equipment selection, they will also create a detailed cost estimate, and according to the phases of the project, they will supervise the construction and carry out changes as necessary during the construction process. The architects ensure that everything is done according to the rules of the profession, that is, that the project is done according to valid regulations and standards.

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An All-Rounding Interior Pro – Hire an Interior Designer

An All-Rounding Interior Pro - Hire an Interior Designer,

An interior designer is a professional who specializes in creating functional and visually appealing interiors. Has a keen eye for aesthetics, understanding of design principles, and knowledge of materials and furniture to transform a space into a cohesive and harmonious environment.

An interior designer works closely with clients to understand their preferences, needs, and budget, then develops a design concept, and selects appropriate color schemes, fabrics, furniture, lighting, and accessories. Often coordinates with architects, contractors, and other professionals to ensure smooth implementation of interior design. In general, interior designers apply their creativity and expertise to enhance the functionality, comfort, and beauty of residential, and commercial spaces.

Interior Designer for Residential, Office, or Hospitality Projects?

Best Guide about Professionals in Interior Creation - Architects, Interior Designers, Decorators, Stylists,

If you need an interior design project for your unfurnished property such as an apartment, house, or villa, or if you need to rearrange and refresh the existing interior, it is best to hire an interior designer – who specializes in residential interior design.

For business premises such as offices or complete business buildings, it is best to look for interior designers, who have more experience and references in that area due to the specific requirements and regulations related to business premises.

For interior design for hospitality such as hotels, small hotels, holiday apartments to rent, resorts, campsites, restaurants, or shops, it is best to hire a team of designers and architects due to the numerous regulations that should be followed to obtain a certain categorization, use permits, and technical conditions.

Keep in mind that interior designers can be experts in several categories or be narrowly specialized in a certain area (kitchen, bathroom, lighting, sustainable design, …), so we recommend that you first look and take into account their references, experience and according therefore, you choose an expert or a team of experts (depending on the project) who will provide you with excellent solutions for designing your interiors to your mutual satisfaction.

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What Furnishings and Decorations to Place in the Interior? Hire an Interior Decorator

What Furnishings and Decorations to Place in the Interior? Hire an Interior Decorator,

An interior decorator is a professional specializing in the decorative aspects of interior creation for your home or office.

A decorator primarily focuses on the selection, and arrangement of decorative elements such as furniture, decorative fabrics (pillows, curtains, and rugs), paint, wallpaper, plant decor or green plant walls, mirrors, vases, other accessories, and various types of lighting to improve the aesthetics of the interior space. The decorating pro has a keen eye for color, texture, proportion, and balance, an aesthetic approach to combining decorative elements, and, applies creativity to transform ordinary interiors and exteriors into inviting and visually pleasing environments.

The Goal – Achieving Harmony and Balance in the Interior

Best Guide about Professionals in Interior Creation - Architects, Interior Designers, Decorators, Stylists,

When hiring an interior decorator, it is best to present your needs, wishes, and approximate budget that you have available. Based on your conversation, the decorator will propose and show you a conceptual solution that reflects your style and meets the functional and aesthetic requirements of the space by combining different elements – from the selection of textures, colors, individual pieces of furniture, lighting, fabrics, carpets, and even the smallest details such as cups with saucers and spoons. Their skill will achieve perfect harmony and balance in the interior space.

In addition, an interior decorator often works with different stores and suppliers to find the ideal furniture pieces and decorative items that match the concept. Ultimately, this interior professional can take over procurement and delivery coordination, supervise furniture and equipment installation, and decoration placement and other ornating elements in the interior.

The decorator can also be engaged in projects of renovation and reorganization of existing spaces to refresh and modernize them.

Through knowledge and artistic touch, an interior decorator will undoubtedly bring beauty and inspiration to your everyday life, creating an inspirational environment that promotes happiness, comfort, and productivity.

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In Style with an Interior Stylist

In Style with an Interior Stylist,

An interior stylist is a specialized professional for styling and decorating interiors for photo shoots, special events such as holiday festivities or weddings, or to style your space for every season.

An interior stylist is a visionary of space, whose skill transforms ordinary homes and commercial spaces into inspiring environments. A stylist’s work is the art of transforming spaces into vivid and functional environments that reflect the individuality and style of the clients. It is best to engage this creative pro when you need a representative interior of your home or business space – for presenting the space to a wider audience through media coverage, or when you wish to add that stylish “final touch” to your interior.

Combining Practicality, Aesthetics, and Functionality

What Interior Professional to Hire for Your Project - Best Guide,

A stylist’s work begins with understanding the client’s wishes, needs, and aesthetic preferences. Through careful discussions and space analysis, the interior stylist will create a concept that combines practicality, aesthetics, and functionality. The creativity of this professional comes to the fore in a selection of colors, textures, furniture, lighting, and decorative elements that will transform the space.

Through cooperation with interior designers, architects, photographers, art directors, and other specialists, the interior stylist coordinates the implementation of artistic ideas, ensuring that every detail is carefully thought out and implemented. Skillfully adapting to the budget, allocating resources, and solving challenges during the design process – are additional benefits this pro brings to the interior creation project.

An interior stylist is an aesthetic expert, as well as someone who understands the functional requirements of a space and how to make the most of it. The goal is to create a space that is stylistically beautiful, but also comfortable and practical for everyday life. Through their work, interior stylists bring inspiration and change to people’s living spaces, creating environments that encourage joy, productivity, and harmony.

Architect, Interior Designer, Decorator, Stylist - What Interior Professional to Hire for Your Project,

There are many benefits to hiring a professional to guide you and assist you in designing and decorating your interior space. Their know-how and expertise create functional, comfortable, and beautiful residential and commercial spaces – homes, offices, shops, hotels, restaurants… to enjoy. 🙂

What Interior Professional to Hire for Your Project - Best Guide,

Source of Information – ZADIN (Zajednica dizajnera interijera – The Community of Interior Designers)

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