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Enjoy 7 Eco-Friendly and Plastic-Free Home Ideas for Earth Day

Reduce the use of plastics in your home. In this shopping ideas article, discover 7 plastic-free alternatives to everyday kitchen and bathroom products.

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Earth Day 2024 – Planet vs. Plastics

The theme for Earth Day 2024 (22nd of April) is Planet vs. Plastics. The ambition is to reduce environmental waste plastics by targeting a 60% reduction in the production of all plastics by 2040. and to build a plastic-free future.

At Helen Round, they create plastic-free alternatives to everyday products that help people to consider and reduce their use of plastic in the home. The company manufactures products from materials like linen, sourced from Europe, which is Oeko-Tex certified, thus ensuring it meets high safety and environmental standards and is free from plastic. Their products are also made from bamboo – a highly sustainable material. Almost every part of the bamboo plant becomes a part of the product and there’s very little waste in harvesting or production.

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Plastic-Free Kitchens

Linen Bowl Covers

Reusable Linen Bowl Covers are a great alternative to one-time-use plastic, like food plastic wrap or cling film. Washable and stretchy, with lots of colors, sizes, and designs to choose from.

These reusable linen bowl covers keep food fresh and look beautiful in the kitchen. Pop them in the fridge or as a cover for food that can be left on the worktop. They are an eco-friendly alternative to cling film and plastic bags.

Perfect for covering food – whether you’re saving some for later or prepping your ingredients for supper or a picnic. Great for salad dressings, placing ingredients in an ambient or warm environment, or covering jugs of fruit juice or punch. Each pure linen bowl cover is finished with an elasticated hem for easy fitting.

These two sets of 3 handmade linen bowl covers are a practical and stylish way to avoid one-time-use plastics like cling film. They are made to fit bowls with diameters up to 18cm, 22cm, and 30cm.

Set of Three Multi-Sized Bee Mustard Linen Bowl Covers, 7 Plastic-Free and Reusable Home Ideas for Earth Day,


Striped Reusable Linen Bowl Covers Dark Blue and Natural Stripes, Eco-Friendly Kitchen Ideas,


Linen Bottle Bag

This lovely Linen Bottle Bag is in dark navy, screen printed with a floral design, and lined with blue and white striped cotton ticking.

It’s a great way to carry a bottle of bubbly, wine, or soft drink to any event – without using a plastic bag. Gift the linen bag with the bottle or fold it up and pop it back in your handbag for the next occasion.

Elevate your wine experience and help to contribute to a greener planet with every use. These lovely bottle bags are the perfect combination of form and function, making them a must-have for wine enthusiasts and thoughtful gift-givers.

Each bag is made in Cornwall by local artisans who work near where they live.

Navy Linen Bottle Bag from the Garden Collection, Plastic-Free Home - Enjoy 7 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Earth Day,


Breathable Linen Bread Bags

In Breathable Linen Bread Bags you can store your bread, either baguette or artisan loaf. Hang up for easy storage and roll down the bag to fill with slices of bread or rolls.

An eco-friendly idea for storing loaves, rolls, delicious artisan bread, and patisserie, these wonderful breathable linen bread bags help keep bread fresh for longer.

By storing your bread in a linen bag, you are allowing air to circulate which helps to stop your bread from getting mouldy. It’s just right for the home baker and storing delicious artisan breads including sourdough and rye.

Turn the top down on your bread bag to create a basket perfect for serving bread slices and rolls at the table. Works well for picnics and kitchens with minimal counter space – hang it up with the handy cotton loop. It’s made from 100% linen with a natural cotton tie.

These linen bread bags are printed in Helen Round’s Cornish studios using water-based inks and are made by a small team of artisan makers.

Sage Green Linen Bread Bag from the Garden Collection by Helen Round,


Striped Linen Bread Bag With Dark Blue/Natural Stripes, Eco-Friendly Kitchen Ideas,


Eco Kitchen Sponges

Crafted from natural cellulose and cotton, these sponge cloths are absorbent and durable. Fully compostable and available in packs of two with a range of natural-themed designs, these cloths will help reduce plastic waste for a greener future.

Perfect for wiping surfaces and use as a dishcloth, this set of two 100% compostable, biodegradable sponges is plastic-free, super absorbent, hard-wearing, and reusable. Each pack has one cream cloth and one of soft grey color.

To use, place each dry sponge under the tap to rehydrate it. As they become wet, each sponge turns soft and springy. Squeeze it out and start cleaning. After use, rinse and leave to dry.

To refresh, pop in the washing machine or the dishwasher and re-use for 6-12 months, depending on use.

Made from renewable natural resources – 70% pure regenerated cellulose and 30% cotton fibers – these sponges are kind to the environment. Also known as Swedish dishcloths, they provide a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic sponges and paper towels. They save you money, and resources and help to save the planet from plastic waste.

To compost, simply cut into strips and pop into your compost bin or paper recycling.

We love them because they are:

  • sustainable, biodegradable, and safe to compost
  • vegan and cruelty-free
  • plastic-free, long-lasting, and practical
  • eco-packaged with a low-impact recyclable paper band
  • printed in Cornwall using water-based ink
  • 70% cellulose/30% cotton fiber cloth is made in Europe.

These versatile sponges offer a sustainable and economical solution for housekeeping and cleaning. They reduce your one-time-use plastic consumption and help create a more eco-friendly home.

Eco Kitchen Sponge Cloth - Bee Design, Go Green and Enjoy 7 Plastic-Free Home Ideas for Earth Day,


Plastic-Free Bathrooms

Reusable Bamboo Makeup Pads

Reusable Bamboo Makeup Pads, in packs of ten, can be washed and used – over and over again.

A set of 10 reusable bamboo makeup pads that fit neatly in the palm of your hand. A great addition to your everyday cleansing routine.

Made using two layers of super soft bamboo, helping to remove makeup gently and easily and is ideal for sensitive skin.

After use, pop the pads in the washing machine at 30 degrees or launder by hand. Designed to be reused, they are an ecological alternative to one-time-use wipes and cotton pads. Made in Cornwall.

Reusable Bamboo Makeup Pads, Enjoy 7 Eco-Friendly and Plastic-Free Home Ideas for Earth Day,


Reusable Hair Wrap Towel

This award-winning Reusable Hair Wrap Towel absorbs moisture from hair, reducing drying time and frizz which can result from heating products.

Made of environmentally friendly, super soft bamboo, it’s perfect for wrapping wet hair, soaking up hair like a hair towel, and holding it in place, while you complete your beauty routine. It removes the need to rub your hair, which can damage hair strands and cuticles, so less frizz and tangles.

To create your hair turban, simply tip your head, place the hair wrap towel gently on your neck, and twist your wet hair into the towel. Flip the end of the hair wrap towel onto your head and secure it at the nape of your neck with a smart wooden button.

Practical for the gym, pool, spa, or beach. Great while traveling or for day-to-day use at home. Soft, washable, and suitable for all hair types including longer hair.

Made from bamboo toweling, Reusable Bamboo Hair Wrap Towels are a delightful pampering alternative to the nylon and plastic-based options and are gentler on the environment. Made in Cornwall.

Reusable Bamboo Hair Wrap Towel by Helen Round,


Eco Sponge – Reusable

On one side you’ll find a super soft bamboo surface to nourish your skin and on the other, a gently exfoliating linen to leave your skin feeling fresh and supple. An eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic sponges.

The Reusable Eco Sponge fits neatly in the palm of your hand, a useful addition to your daily bath or shower.

Designed to be used – again and again, they are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic-based disposable sponges.

Made sustainably – this sponge is filled with bamboo scraps from Helen Round’s workshop in Cornwall.

Wring out to dry. Machine or hand wash after a few uses at 40 degrees.

Reusable Eco Sponge made using super soft bamboo and gently exfoliating linen,


Enjoy shopping consciously, and sustainably and creating a greener home. 🙂

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