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Vibrant Effect of Colors on Your Life, Communication, Brand

The colors of clothes or furniture you choose affect your mood and life in general, communicate on your behalf, paint your personal brand… In this article, discover more about the vibrant influence of colors on your mood and what your favorite color says about you.

Colors surround us at every step – natural landscapes, residential and commercial interiors, monochrome or multi-colored clothes we and others we meet wear, TV commercials, and ads in magazines, in our everyday environment… All these colors, more or less, attract our attention and affect us one way or the other. We can also say that they communicate with us – they send us various messages. For example, the colors of clothes or furniture we choose – affect our mood (according to numerous studies), but they are also an essential element of our non-verbal communication – they send a message about us to all we encounter.

Vibrant Effect of Colors on Your Life, Communication, Brand, personal branding color palette,

Therefore, color is an essential part of the visual identity of every person (especially if we are talking about personal branding), space, product, brand, company… The decision about which color will represent a product, brand, and company is made after substantial marketing research. Around the world, various professional associations of designers and color experts apply the results of this marketing research and their experience to predict which colors will be trendy in the design and fashion industries. Discover which color is this year’s color of the year.

Discover How to Color Your Life, Communication, Brand,, what your favorite color says about you

The Effect of Colors on Your Mood

Lilac and violet bring optimism and creativity.

Pink is the color of joy (Think Pink).

Red is the color of love, creativity, and energy.

How Colors Affect Your Mood and Branding,

Yellow is the color of the mind and one of the most optimistic colors.

If you want to increase your appetite – orange and yellow are colors that can help you with that.

Blue is the color of freshness, calmness, meditation, inspiration, and communication.

How Colors Paint Our Mood and Image,, Interior Designer's Tips on Colors, Yellow, Blue and White Table Setting

Green is the color of relaxation.

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What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Red – Ambitious, Energetic, Creative

Yellow – Cheerful, Spontaneous, Talkative

personal branding color palette,effect of colors on emotions,colors in non verbal communication,

Blue – Calm, Creative, Practical

Green – Relaxed, Cautious, Peaceful

Vibrant Ways How Colors Enrich Your Life, Communication, Brand,

Orange – Creative, Organized, Practical

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Danica Maricic Interior Designer,personal branding color palette,effect of colors on emotions,colors in non verbal communication,

Colors bring joy to our surroundings. Let’s enjoy their company. Greetings from Danica, a color lover! 🙂

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