Teuco wins the Red Dot – best of the best 2014

with the Accademia POP bathtub, an icon of design, research and quality, all made in Italy


Teuco, one of the foremost world manufacturers in the bathroom furnishing industry, has won the Red Dot Award for the second time, an achievement which rewards Teuco’s profound vocation for design and the company’s ultimate expertise in design.

All eyes were drawn to the POP Limited Edition Accademia bathtub, designed by Carlo Colombo, which won the Best of the Best 2014 awarded to the best products in every category which excel for the most innovative and revolutionary design among all those awarded the Red Dot.

The latter casts the limelight onto the design masterpieces from all over the world, every year since 1955, and its purpose is to reward exceptional quality and innovative excellence in the sphere of product design. A truly prestigious award for Teuco and its unwavering commitment to pursuing and developing unique solutions that combine design with functionality.

The 2014 edition saw the participation of designers and manufacturers from 50 different countries, for a total of 4,815 products presented by 1,816 companies and designers, assessed by an influential jury consisting of a panel of high-ranking international design experts, who rewarded the unique and innovative design of the Accademia POP bathtub.

The awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on 7th July at the Aalto Theater in Essen, Germany, before the most influential personas from the world of design, industry and the media. The venue is also home to the Red Dot Museum, which will subsequently be used to host a permanent exhibition of the winning products, which will also be published and illustrated in both the annual Red Dot Yearbook 2014/2015, as well as on the website.

The Accademia POP bathtub by Teuco, the perfect portrayal of marriage between fashion and design, is the result of a vibrant tale of wefts and chromatic interplay. A Limited Edition, as exclusive as a unique piece, as precious as an artwork in a collection, which shrugs off the traditional concept of luxury by making possible today that which was not possible until now. The principal trump card of Accademia POP is its mix between classicism and post-modernism, which sums up what is best in the confluence of Teuco technology and design, where both are crafted by artisans to produce a genuine work of art.

In producing this bathtub (180x80x59 cm WxDxH), Teuco has exploited to the maximum the versatility and expressive potential of Duralight®, fashioning it into an icon of the latest trend, strikingly simple yet luxurious, in an unprecedented application of styling and design rigour where past, present and future converse together.

Accademia POP is one of the items from the wide-ranging Autoritratti collection, the new range by Teuco which for the first time ever also includes collections of furnishings and sophisticated interior décor items, which include carpets, armchairs, wall lamps and chandeliers, and which interprets a new classicism that has been restyled with a modern touch thanks to a sophisticated sensitivity of conception. It is a prestigious offering with a double soul, the faithful interpreter of every individual’s unique style and of the pleasure of customisation in a way that only a faithful self-portrait (autoritratto in Italian) can achieve.


Pictured is the POP Limited Edition Accademia Bathtub by Teuco (180x80x59 cm WxDxH) in Duralight®. An icon of the latest trend, POP is a unique piece, a collector’s item whose principal trump card is its mix between classicism and post-modernism, in a synthesis of what is best in the confluence of Teuco technology and design, where both are crafted by artisans to produce a genuine work of art.

By Danica Maričić

Interior Designer and Integrated Marketing Communications Pro, Loving Writing and Photography, Passionate about Life & Style, “True Blue” Mediterranean Girl, Curious Traveller & Designer