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Golden, Red, and Green for a Beautiful Holiday Table Décor

Be inspired by the golden, red, and green tones, metallic sparkle, and star-shaped decorations in creating a festive holiday table. Have a look at the interior designer’s ideas on how to set the glamorous dining table. Colors, shapes, materials, textures, and decorative details are design elements that form a beautiful tablescape for holiday gatherings. 🙂

Danica Maricic Interior Designer, How to Create a Colorful Holiday Table in Golden, Red, Green Colors,
Danica Maricic, Interior Designer and Editor-in-Chief at

Being an interior designer and event stylist, I often create colorful tablescapes for celebratory occasions and themes. In this design tips article, discover a golden, red, and green table decor I designed for a TV segment on Dom na kvadrat, a Croatian TV show about design and architecture. You are welcome to watch the mentioned video on the website and YouTube channel of the show.  

Autumn Color Palette for a Festive Holiday Table

Autumn Color Palette for a Festive Holiday Table,

The first step in setting the table is the selection of all the tableware, table linens, and decorations. When decorating the festive holiday table in the autumn color palette, be inspired by natural colors at this colorful time of the year. Red, green, orange, yellow, and golden tones paint the picture of an autumn-colored tablescape for your vibrant gatherings with family and friends.

As for autumn color combinations, a lovely option would be mixing and matching complementary green and red on a neutral white or beige background. When red meets green, these two beautiful hues create a dynamic duo and a traditional holiday color combination. A combination of green, orange, and yellow is also a great choice. Both of these vibrant combinations bring joy to the dining room space. From the viewpoint of color psychology, red hue enhances creativity, green makes it easier to relax, orange is the color of vitality, yellow is the hue of the mind, and neutral tones design a calming interior space.

Golden and Green Colors for a Beautiful Holiday Table Décor,

The sparkle of metallic tones is always welcome when designing a glitz and glam tablescape for a celebratory occasion. For instance, golden tones for a sparkling holiday table inspired by autumn, silver tones for a winter-wonderland decorating theme, rose gold paints a joyous spring table setting, and copper creates a lovely summer tablescape.

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Design Tips – How to Create a Tablescape Like an Interior Designer

Design Tips - How to Create a Tablescape Like an Interior Designer,
Danica Maricic, Interior Designer and Editor-in-Chief at

Setting the table is an artistic delicacy for us designers, and the interior designer’s tip is to match the tablescape style to the dining room décor and the occasion for a complete experience. For this TV segment on the theme of decorating a festive table in autumn colors – in the Lesnina store in Zagreb – I chose a dining room in colors matching the glamorous autumn evening and a gala holiday gathering.

green and golden dining room decor,

This dining room is furnished with green velvet chairs, and the dining table is in slightly darker tones of wood, so I created a holiday table setting accordingly. It is also essential for what kind of occasion you decorate a dining table, whether an everyday meal, a romantic dinner, or a holiday family lunch. For instance, golden tones are a lovely choice for a holiday tablescape as they add sparkle and emphasize the festivity of the occasion.

Golden Tones for a Beautiful Holiday Table Décor,

As a design base for this golden, red, and green holiday table inspired by autumn colors, I chose a table runner in elegant light beige and golden tones, matching napkins, and round placemats in beautiful metallic tones. The glamorous golden-colored design story continues with cutlery, napkin rings, candles, decorative star-shaped plates, and a floral arrangement in the glass vase. The plates are in harmony with the chairs in slightly greener tones. Also, green plates go very well with the golden-toned cutlery, creating a harmonious duo of autumn colors. 

How to Create a Colorful Holiday Table in Golden, Red, Green Colors,

Decorative star shaped plates in red color add to the dynamism of this colorful tablescape. To match the glitz and glam of this golden, red, and green design story, I selected classy glassware ornated with a stylized floral pattern. Place this table décor in a well-lit dining room, and let the sparkle begin.

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Table Setting Etiquette

Table Setting Etiquette,
  • When placing plates, according to the rules, the plate should be two fingers away from the very edge of the table.
  • The fork is placed on the left side of the plates, and the knife and spoon are on the right. If it is a meal of several courses, the cutlery is placed in the order of use – from the outside inward. In other words, the cutlery used first is placed the farthest from the plates, and the one used last is the closest to the plates.
  • The dessert spoon and knife should be put above the plates.
  • The napkin is on the left side of the plates or the top of the plates.
  • Glassware is positioned on the right side of the plates above the knives.

You are welcome to discover more about dining table-setting rules in my article Creative Workshop – Holiday Table Decorations.

Autumn Color Palette for a Festive Holiday Table,

Autumn color palette, sparkling decorations, starry ornaments – enjoy creating a beautiful holiday tablescape for hosting gatherings with your loved ones. Greetings from Danica! 🙂

Golden, Red, and Green for a Beautiful Holiday Table Décor,

Location of Filming – Lesnina XXXL

TV Segment & Photos – Borna Glavicic, Jasmina Franjic, Danica Maricic

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