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Colorful Oval Lampshades for Autumn

Fermoie adds new oval designs to its range of handmade lampshades. Entirely handmade by its in-house team in Marlborough, Wiltshire with Fermoie’s familiar hand-gathered pleating. Oval lampshades are equally stylish for smaller spaces and corners, sideboards, or as a centerpiece on a console table.

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Oval Lampshades

Offered in five sizes and 53 colorways; patterns and fabrics match those in the existing range. Available with suitable fittings and shade carriers for UK, EU, and US standards.

“Our new Oval Lampshades are both elegant and beautiful and offer you tremendous new possibilities. For example, as a centerpiece on a console table, an oval shade can be much larger and make a truly bold statement in a hallway, or to divide a room. Entirely handmade using specially produced Fermoie fabrics and our intricate pleating and finishing techniques, they’re a wonderful demonstration of our in-house design, craft expertise, and attention to detail.” Jamie Shawcross, Director.

Lampshades, oval, handmade, made in England,


As an oval lampshade has one long and one short diameter, it has a smaller overall area than a round shade. For designers, this opens up tremendous possibilities. It means, for example, that as a centerpiece on a console table, an oval shade can be much larger and make a truly bold statement in a hallway, or to divide a room.

By the same token, that more compact overall footprint means oval lampshades can be placed where a round shade may be difficult to accommodate – a neat solution for awkward corners and other restricted spaces. It also avoids the usual compromise of simply using a smaller lampshade and the resulting drop in light intensity and visual impact.

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oval lampshades, handmade, made in England,


Like their round empire counterparts, the new oval lampshades are offered in 53 colorways and a selection of classic Fermoie designs. Available in six sizes – 6, 12, 14, 16, and 18 inches, measured across the long diameter – all can be supplied with appropriate fittings and shade carriers for UK, EU, and US standards.

About Fermoie

oval lampshades, handmade, made in England,

Fermoie is a creator of fine fabrics, all designed and manufactured entirely in-house using its own proprietary color-mixing and production techniques. Every Fermoie design begins with the drawn line, with the full repeat pattern meticulously created by hand, on paper, before it’s translated to screen engraving. Every color is individually created, mixed, and edited in-house according to the carefully considered palette and artistic principles.

All cloth is exclusive to Fermoie and made to the company’s specifications. In line with its environmental commitments, 100% linen is woven to the studio team’s specification from highly sustainable flax grown locally at the mill. Cotton, union cloths, and linen sheers are produced in Lancashire – the traditional home of British textile-making – by the first UK cotton mill to receive Soil Association and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) accreditation.

Fermoie was established in 2010 by Farrow & Ball founders Tom Helme and Martin Ephson. It now employs 50 people at its design studio, production facility, and showroom in Marlborough, Wiltshire, and showroom and retail space in Pimlico Road, London, where cushions and lampshades are also available for purchase. Fabrics are available worldwide through selected retailer partners.

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